[Audio] Michael Cassette’s ‘Disco Frisco’


Michael Cassette

It’s been a long time since we heard anything from awesome Finnish producer Michael Cassette; the last time we can recall was his EP for Anjunadeep a couple of years ago. But out of nowhere this week, they announced their return with a brand new single released at the end of this month on the Digitally Remastered label. This is Disco Frisco.

Re-announcing himself with a massive big room tune was always going to be the way for Michael Cassette. Disco Frisco doesn’t really touch on Disco much. Instead it’s huge Progressive House tune with severe 80s leanings. It’s got all the requisite waves of lush synths and sparking little melodies all mixed up with a hint of SynthWave in it’s vintage aspects. A pounding beat and a breakdown in just the rights place make it ripe for peak time dancefloors. In short, it’s pretty slick stuff, and a welcome return for this retro-floorfiller.

♫ Michael Cassette – Disco Frisco (Edit)

Michael Cassette’s Disco Frisco is released 29th August.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Human Touch’ album



It’s been three years since the release of Leeds based Scot Grum’s début album, Heartbeats, about five years since he first came to our attention with a slew of amazing Dreamwave and Nu-Disco tracks and reMixes. In those years Grum has been quietly doing something that very few of his contemporaries from around that time have seemed to be able to do. Evolve. It wasn’t long after the release of Heartbeats that Grum started releasing Euphoric Trance tracks, then Bleep House, then Progressive tunes all the while the lazy online press was still calling him ‘Disco’. Grum forthcoming sophomore album, Human Touch, should come as a revelation to them, a slap in the face realisation that they have missed these past three years, that Grum is so much more than a Disco producer, and that is why he’s risen to the top of the pack.

The album opener, and title track, Human Touch, sets this up perfectly. A moody and emotional House tune, loaded with enigmatic, low tones and haunting vocals. Not the first track floorfiller you might expect, but a track that grasps your interest and let you know there is something more intelligent going on here than simply crowd pleasing hooks. As if to compound the genre-spanning attitude of the collection, the following track, Sunrise, is an Acid-Balearic epic. A mesmerising hands-in-the-air tune that lives up to its name. There are tracks we’ve herd before on Human Touch. Previous singles the Simple Minds referencing The Theme and the nostalgic Warehouse vibe of Everytime are present and correct. Grum delves even more into the world of late 80s/early 90s House experimentalism on tracks like Autumn, with a pure early House riff you will swear you’ve heard somewhere before it’s so authentic, and the Haçienda-meets-SynthPop classic Dance sound of Tears. As the album progresses it become more and more melodic, with Three Thousand East being a play of retro leads against touch beats and Lotta’ Love feeling the influence of Melodic Trance energy before that album brings things down to ease the listener out on the deep, synthetic, Serotonin and the Chillwave R&B of the album’s closer Eyes Shut. For fans wanting a little classic Grum Dreamwave, Raindrop totally delivers vintage keys and a big vocal hook and Feel It Everywhere’s vocoded nostalgia could easily be an early Grum single. The Nu-Disco side of things, too, is covered by the likes of In Love, with it’s Acid flavour funk. Human Touch has got enough of that rousing classic Grum feel, enough interesting experiments with genre, and enough of a timeless Dance Music DNA to keep most fans of electronic music coming back for more. Definitely recommended.

♫ Grum – The Theme

♫ Grum – Everytime

Grum’s Human Touch is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Human Touch’ album


Hey all, seconds after posting this review I was informed that Grum‘s second album, Human Touch, has been pushed back from it’s October release date to sometime in 2014. So, I guess well run our review nearer it’s release date, cos it’s a bit pointless telling you how good the album is if you can’t buy it for months.
Apparently the release date was moved due to the overwhelming success of The Theme, which is actually a pretty awesome reason and very well deserved.
Look out nearer the album’s release for our in-depth review.

[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Way Out West’s ‘UB Devoid’


Way Out West

It’s a good day when Canadian purveyor of all things Disco and House Pat Lok finally drops his long awaited reMix of Bristol’s finest Way Out West’s UB Devoid. This dark and hypnotic tune from he Progressive House masters was a dancefloor staple around 2000 (back when Dance music’s biggest stars actually knew how to convey emotion with their music), now Lok has given it a workout and updated to for 2013. Check it out.

Lok keeps things dark and brooding, but injects the track with a ton of funk. Slowing things down a bit from the originals early 2000’s 130+ bmp, he creates a solid House track with leanings toward both a Disco groove and UB Devoid’s Progressive roots. Layering the tune with some sweet melodies, bringing a slightly Chicago feel to the tracks riffs. This track really is the best of all worlds, a little bit of everything wrapped in a dancefloor destroying package, and a nice bit of nostalgia made contemporary.

Way Out West – UB Devoid (Pat Lok 2013 reMix)

Way Out West’s UB Devoid EP is out now, and has been for a while.

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[Audio] Futurecop! & Patrick Baker’s ‘Living In A Daydream’



Dreamwave heroes Futurecop!’s new tune, featuring retro ElectroPop’s man of the moment Patrick Baker on vocals, starts off sounding like Shiny Toy Guns. It’s doesn’t keep sounding like Shiny Toy Guns, but those opening few bars are enough to hook you in to this massive ElectroPop epic.

In fact, there’s a lot about Living In A Daydream that throwsback to that certain crop of early-to-mid 2000’s electronic Emo bands, but with added big room synths and Progressive House sensibilities. Big leads and rousing pads fill the track to bursting point while Baker eschews his usual soulful vocal take for something a little more energetic and Poppy. The end result is fun, youthful, slightly nostalgic, but utterly optimistic. Power ElectroPop at it’s finest.

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Living In A Daydream

Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation is released 31st August.

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[MP3] Russ Chimes’ ‘Turn Me Out’ reMixed by Maxum



Normally we’d be weary of reMixes of Russ Chimes tunes. For us, it’s hard to improve upon the Chimes, or even compete with. So when this email dropped into out mailbox we approached with trepidation. It’s turns out it’s pretty awesome. This mix if Russ’ recent single Turn Me Out comes from Torontonian producer Maxum who’s seven minute big room epic is both engrossing and slickly produced. Oh, and did we mention, this guys fifteen fucking years old! It’s like Madeon all over again only twelve months more ridiculous.

A brief glance over Maxum’s SoundCloud page reveals his usual style is amazingly well produced, but not really our thing, American dance music, don’t-make-me-say-it, you know what we mean. He’s amazing good at it though, but this Russ Chimes mix is something deferent altogether. Pulsating Progressive House, with hints of SynthWave. A main room sound that draws you into seven minutes, delivering ever increasing levels of energy. Layers of shimmering synths build and build alongside a pure Tropical hook. We’d definitely like to hear more like this from this kid.

Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Maxum 2.0 reMix)

Russ Chimes’ Turn Me Out is out now on DeConstruction.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘The Theme’



Theme For Great Cities, the opening track of Simple Mind’s 1981 album Sister Feelings Call, is just one of those instantly recognisable tracks. The haunting synth riffs seem to send a chill right through you and informed many early 80s SynthPop tracks that followed it. Those ice tones also serve as the basis for the forthcoming new single from the man like Grum. Following on from April’s Everytime, The Theme got it’s world premiere at the weekend on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show. Check it out.

The second single to be taken from Grum’s soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Human Touch, The Theme swoops straight into the main room with a vibe that is somewhere between sunrise and dystopia. Progressive House at it’s core, the tune pushes to the front Grum’s knack for the huge uplifting epics but keeps a little corner of itself edgy with those post-punk Simple Minds synths, which makes for an exciting combination. There’s even a hint of the Balearic in there as Grum deliverers all the elements of a big room floorfiller on one handy package. Definitely the stuff of the future.

♫ Grum – The Theme (Radio Rip)

Grum’s Human Touch is out later this year.

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The Revenge


I was turned onto The Revenge over at Big Stereo, I don’t usually go for Prog House all that much but these two tracks just really appealed to me for two very different reasons.

The first track, ‘Forever In Their Debt’, had me hooked instantly just with it’s choice of bass sound. That rounded, slightly acidy, square wave bass reminds me so much of the good ol’ days of Beep House when early Warp Records releases were tearing up the floor. In fact, the whole tune has got that vibe. The second slice is a cover of S.O.S. Band’s ‘Just Be Good To Me’ featuring Danielle Moore from Crazy P on vocal duties, I can’t help it, I’ve loved the song ever since Beats International’s ‘Dub Be Good To Me’. Ah…Lindy Layton…

The Revenge – Forever In Their Debt (Original Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Revenge (Feat. Danielle Moore) – Just Be Good To Me (Original Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Just Be Good To Me’ is out now on NeedWant records. I went out and bought it, i suggest you do too!

The Revenge @ Beatport

The Revenge @ Juno

The Revenge @ 7Digital

The Revenge @ Amazon

[Via Big Stereo]