Quinten 909’s ‘Closer To Me’

Quinten 909

Out this week is the new monster from Dutch Nu-Disco producer Quinten 909. Bringing on-board American funkster Mayhem for a talkbox groove workout, Quinten drops Closer To Me on On The Fruit Records just in time for the warn evening of the end of the summer. Because these are pure evening jams. Time to get sexy.

You should definitely take the time (or the whole afternoon) to check out every version of Closer To Me, but for us the highlights are the Classic Mix, a soaring synth, warbling talkbox, Disco basslined juggernaut of laid back funk. Infectious and impossible not to move to, Closer To Me brings together all the elements of the groove into one giant groove machine. So what can be better than that? Three little words. Ride The Universe. The four Dreamwave warriors add a little Dub sound to their slick as all hell synthetic Disco, and with the talkbox vocals in tow it’s an unbeatable combination that just goes to prove why Ride the Universe are the top of their game.

♫ Quinten 909 (Feat. Mayhem) – Closer To Me (Classic Mix)

♫ Quinten 909 (Feat. Mayhem) – Closer To Me (Ride The Universe reMix)

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