GMGN & Dusty Digital

GMGN & Dusty Digital

Today Mozzarella Recordings drop their fifty-first (that’s right, fifty-first!) release. Passing fifty is quite a milestone for a label, so it’s nice to celebrate the occasion with something special scooping the catalogue number. MOZZ 051 comes courtesy of an artist we’ve been tracking for a while now, Dusty Digital, teaming up with GMGN for a a couple of deep SynthWave/House tracks and some killer reMixes.

The Starlite Paradise EP kicks off with two original tunes. Gotta’ Get Up opens the EP with a jump up House tune that immediately pushed the energy thought the roof. Revolving around a ringing Piano hook and a vocal sample repeated until it’s hypnotic, Gotta’ Get Up has all the trappings of a classic House tune. the EPs title track, Starlite Paradise, starts to push things into an almost Trancey arena, it may have a Disco-House groove, but much of this tune is pure Euphoric Trance. Dutch master Auxiliary Tha Masterfader provides a reMix of this tune. A sweeping SynthWave tune with hints of early Kavinsky and loads of lush vintage synth sounds. Gotta’ Get Up is tackled by ODahl who really brings the deep house flavour to the EP with stabbing synths an a low, square, House bassline which works perfectly with the diva vocal sample. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find an alternate mix from Aux and Gotta’ Get Up as reMixed by Richard & Morris. A fine EP indeed.

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Gotta’ Get Up

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Starlite Paradise

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Gotta’ Get Up (ODahl reMix)

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Starlite Paradise (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)

GMGN & Dusty Digital’s Starlite Paradise is out today.

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