[Download] ODahl’s ‘Look Out Lauren’



Good times. ODahl’s back. The Sweedish master of Dreamwave and Nu-Disco turn his hand to some deep, pumping House with his latest tune, Look Out Lauren. ODahl’s release are too few and far between for our likening, but when does come along it’s usually pretty special, and Look Out Lauren is no different.

Playing with Lauren Hill’s vocals from, Doo Wop (That Thing), ODahl builds up a convincing tune and an utterly mesmerising multi-layered bass groove. While deep synths are flying all over the place a solid Chicago beat keeps things in place while the vocals, cut to perfection, inject the track with a little soul. A solid dancefloor weapon from the Robo-Disco Swede, made for either the club or the warehouse.

ODahl – Look Out Lauren

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