[MP3] Moustache Machine’s ‘Mission Control’


Moustache Machine

Moustache Machine is a man who normally likes to keep thing firmly in the French Touch territory. With Disco on his mind he deliver a particular brand of Parisian sounds. On his new tune, Mission Control, though, he busts out of this mould and dives into the seas of SynthWave and Italo and when he finally comes up for air, he’s bringing with him a manic hybrid of all of it.

On repeated listens, Mission Control is a really stunning piece of work. There’s so much going on with it that it could have so easily sounded muddled, but Moustache Machine keeps things fluid and flowing so everything sound neat and tidy together. At it’s core the track is Italo influenced SynthWave, in a Kavinsky vein. vintage arpeggios and those big, heavy, synth chords over a driving beat. But the flourishes Moustache Machine papers the track with draw from all over. 80’s Orchestral stabs, wicked Disco licks, SynthPop chimes, big Sci-Fi Trance solos all add up to create a futuristic Disco monster that’s slightly addictive.

Moustache Machine – Mission Control

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