Yeah/Dish!’s ‘Prom Night’ compilation


Parisian Disco label Yeah/Dish! has been releasing some really nice stuff, for free, over the past year. Many of these releases we’ve featured right here, now the crew are coming out with a full blown compilation. Released today ‘Prom Night’ is nine tracks of pure, Funk fuelled, synth nostalgia.

The tracklist reads like a who’s who of up and coming Nu-Disco artists with a couple of established names and some SynthWave thrown in for good measure. Featuring the likes of Luminaire, Cyclist, Stereocool and Hemmingway you know you;re in for a groove treat, full of laid back summer vibes and lazy Disco with a French flavour. There’s a collaboration between SoHight & Cosmonaut Grechko called, ‘Night Moves’ that’s ever bit as slick as you;’d imagine coming from these two. With a jump-out-your-seat beat and funk synth soloing that just sails through the track, ‘Night Moves’ is what retro synth and Nu-Disco should be all about. The king of SynthWave and Outrun Electro Mitch Murder contributes a sweet, emotional slice of his ‘80’s soundtrack inspired work, ‘Vanilla Sky’ is an atmospheric four minutes of synthesizer gold, with tons of soul. Moustache Machine’s second appearance on electronic rumors today comes from ‘Brenda’ and whiles less frantic that his other work, this more laid back peice is loaded with electronic nostalgia and a smooth groove. Also included is Stay Ali’s recent comeback track ‘Oh Tom’, a twisted and infectiously catchy little experimental peice that never forgets to create a melody that will worm it’s way into your brain. Yeah/Dish! have put together a pretty amazing collection of tracks, for free, and we salute them for it. Salute!

SoHight & Cosmonaut Grechko – Night Moves

Mitch Murder – Vanilla Sky

Moustache Machine – Brenda

Stay Ali – Oh Tom

You can download the whole compilation, for free, here.

Check out more from Yeah/Dish! on SoundCloud.

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