Moustache Machine’s ‘Pluton Part II’

Moustache Machine

Parisian producer of all things Frenchy and Touchy, Moustache Machine, had just dropped an absolute stormer of a track. It’s a follow up to one of the tracks from his ‘Miami 1986’ EP of last year and whist that EP was an awesome excursion into tough French Disco, this new track is a different beast entirely.

The first ‘Pluton’ was a post-Daft Punk, Post-Justice heavy Electro Disco stomper, but ‘Pluton Part II’ some off a nice new combination of LA Dreamwave and driving Italo sounds. From the opening bars of the track, and that powerful arpeggiated bassline you know things are getting a bit retro. The big filtered Moroder-esque bass and the lush synth chords, playing out a riff so ‘80’s they need a cop show of their own, happily juggernaut along for half the songs six minute length. Then Moustache Machine’s true French epicness gets to shine with some seriously soaring solo work see everything into the finally where Funk synth, majestic piano and layers upon layers of cosmic sounds culminate in an impressive crescendo.

♫ Moustache Machine – Pluton Part II

 While you’re hear, check out the original ‘Pluton’ from last year too.

Moustache Machine – Pluton

You can download ‘Pluton Part II’ for free from Moustache Machine’s Facebook page in exchange for a ‘like’.

Check out more from Moustache Machine on SoundCloud.

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