Little Boots reMixed by Todd Edwards

Little Boots

The first of the reMixes of Little Boots’ genius forthcoming single ‘Headphones’ is here. And American DJ/Producer Todd Edwards gives us the first taste of a disco oriented Little boots so far from this album.

So far the recent Little Boots single have been leaning in this direction of shiny Pop and deep House, two directions we’re big fans of, but sometimes you just need to bring the funk. This reMix is laden with horn stabs, Disco licks and some nice ‘70’s flute flourishes. The thing that works best about this track is the staggered beat, which seems to work with the track and give it a driving energy. Although this reMix injects some pretty sweet Disco into Boot’s current sound, I can’t help but hope to see some reMixes from some of the real talent in Nu-Disco these days, that’s not to diminish Todd Edwards Disco-House work, but there is some real Disco gurus out there who could work wonders with this track. But if this is all the Boots funk we end up getting, then it’ll do nicely.

♫ Little Boots – Headphones (Todd Edwards vocal reMix)

‘Headphones’ will, we presume, be out soon. The video should be hear shortly.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

3 comments on “Little Boots reMixed by Todd Edwards

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