[Audio] Isaac Tichauer’s ‘Changes’



Next up on the awesome French Express is the smoothest of smooth House jams. It’s also the new one from Australian DJ and producer Isaac Tichauer. Changes is really a track to sink into and a tune that is guaranteed to be soundtracking more than a few sunsets this coming summer.

Deep and Soulful, with a surprisingly pleasing Jazz twist, Changes is a slo-mo slice of bass snyth heavy House. Finger snaps and an understates House beat give the tune it’s momentum, but it’s the rumbling sub and the lilting electric piano that give it it’s soul. Add a light R&B vocal, and you’ve got eight minutes of emotional, laid back, audio gold. Intricate and resonant sounds from this producer to watch.

♫ Isaac Tichauer – Changes

Isaac Tichauer’s Changes is out 15ht April

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Perseus’ Love In Zanzibar’


This weekend French Express main man Perseus dropped another new free tune, and like ‘Seychelles’, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Mary J. Blige sampling ‘Love In Zanzibar’ is exotic Disco at it’s finest and although the vocal snippet dominates the track, it’s the synth bassline that is the real draw here. It plays out a robotic Funky groove which provides the whole route for the rest of the track to be smooth and soulful over. File this under ‘perfect tunes for lazy summer days’.

Perseus – Love In Zanzibar

Perseus’ ‘Russian Girlfriends’ EP is out now.

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New track from Perseus


French Express main man Perseus is spoiling us these days, not only with his labels awesome release but with some pretty exciting deep Disco sounds of his own recently.

His latest tracks, ‘Seychelles’ is a ultra-smooth ‘90’s House jam. With a Tropical flavour Perseus takes us on a relaxing cruise with an old school FM bassline and some seriously slick production. The whole track has a slightly dreamlike quality, like when you’re just totally lost in a magical night out. It’s also loaded with early ‘90’s nostalgia, but never sounding dated. Perseus has nailed the vibe he was going for with this track which has us looking forward to the next EP.

Perseus – Seychelles

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP

Chris Malinchak

One of New York’s finest purveyors of boogie, Chris Malinchak, released his new EP late last week on the consistently awesome French Express label.

The ‘Hollywood’ EP is three smokin’ hot cuts of the smoothest retro Electro Disco and delivers something a little more mature than the usual dancefloor bangers. Kicking off with ‘Deal ‘Em’, the most jump-up track of the bunch. A tune that hides complex layering of sample snatches and uplifting synth lines amidst it’s deep funk. With a rocking bassline that’ll keep you dancing it’s a storming way to open the EP. ‘At Night’ follows, reining the mood in a little. Less banger, more slick Disco, this one just oozes feel-good vibes. If ‘Deal ‘Em’ is the track that get’s your attention then ‘At Night’ is the one that gets the part started. The EP wraps up with ‘Tango In Paris’, a Nu-Disco/ElectroPop hybrid, and probably the highlight of the EP for us. It’s a track that really captures a mood, with growling Moog bass and elusive vocals adding to a atmosphere of late night mystery.

♫ Chris Malinchak – Deal ‘Em

♫ Chris Malinchak – At Night

♫ Chris Malinchak – Tango in Paris

The ‘Hollywood’ EP is out now on French Express.

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Perseus’ new EP


In a stunning display of X-Mas cheer French Express head honcho Perseus has dropped his new EP, for free, and it is seriously good.

I’ve been rockin’ these three tracks all morning, every track on the EP is total quality and exists in a place where Nu-Disco,  Chicago House and late ‘80’s Pop Dance meet. ‘Cool Runnings’ kicks off the EP with a laid back groove with an ‘80’s electronic Soul vibe and sets the Disco/House precedent. ‘Russian Girlfriends’ dusts off the old ‘Ashley’s Roachclip’ break, a brave move put Perseus pulls it off with stunning effect, I think there’s even a bit of PM Dawn in there too! The whole mix is pure early ‘90’s House gold, and highly addictive. ‘Running Back To You’ rounds off the EP by bringing it back to a smooth beach party Disco vibe, with random ChipTune elements. Not only is this EP free, it’s better than a lot of it’s contemporaries you be spending money on. PopDanceHouseDisco brilliance!

Perseus – Cool Runnings

Perseus – Russian Girlfriends

Perseus – Running Back To You

You can grab the EP in high quality from French Express’ SoundCloud, the WAVs are coming soon to Beatport.

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP


This week just gone French Express released the new EP fro NYC Nu-Disco wizard Chris Malinchak.

His second release for French Express, the ‘Vilette’ EP is three tracks of synthesized Disco goodness. The lead track ‘No Secrets’ is a soulful, late night jam. Smooth, laid back DiscoPop at it’s finest with vocals courtesy of Damon C. Scott. this the flourishes and attention to detail that really make Malinchak’s productions stand out, the retro ‘80’s sound is complemented with little touches like the tribal percussion fills that give the track a bit of a unique feel. Also featuring on the EP is ‘Accolade’, first aired on The Magician’s ‘Magic Tape 14’ mixtape. This tune is pure summer nights and good times, lush synths densely layered complimented with feel good chimes for the prefect party mood.

♫ Chris Malinchak (Feat. Damon C. Scott) – No Secrets

♫ Chris Malinchak – Accolade

The ‘Vilette’ EP  is out now.

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Moon Boots’ new single


After the blog destroying ‘Gopher It’ American synth Disco producer Moon Boots is back with a brand new single for French Express.

‘Off My Mind’ is a deep grooved slice of electronic funky House. Of course we’re immediately won over by the cowbells, but beyond that is an insanely funky track that is layered thick with fat synth sounds like a Disco cake. The big bass and retro chords and added to with a smooth, and subtly used, vocal hook. This vocal hook is cut-up and inserted into the rhythm of Rogue Vogue’s old school piano House reMix of the track that is so Chicago that is brings back memories, despite being released today!

♫ Moon Boots – Off My Mind

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue reMix)

‘Off My Mind’ is released today!