Dimitri From Paris’ Little Boots Dub

little boots

If on Monday you picked up Little Boots’ new single, ‘Headphones’, (and if you didn’t, why the hell not?) you would have been treated to two amazing reMixes. Firstly from our girl Ronika, who delivers a pitch bent grove laden jam. Secondly from Dimitri From Paris, who’s ‘80’s Disco Pop reMix is pure TOTP gold (which actually reminds us a little of Fear Of Tigers reMix of Ronika’s ‘Only Only’, our number one track of last year).

The man has just released the Dub version on his SoundCloud so you can check out the B-Boy bassline, the retro Electronic Soul beat and the big keyboard hits. All this is ties together nicely with an FM bassline running a nice groove and, of course, all the cowbells in the world. there’s even a whistle in there, what more do you need to know. Dmitri’s really channelling the poppier side of Mantronix here, and that’s awesome. You really should go buy the single for the vocal version, but for the time being, roll out your lino and stick the dub version in your boom box. You’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ in no time.

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)

Boot’s new single ‘Headphones’ will but out 16th June, the video is coming this week.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

3 comments on “Dimitri From Paris’ Little Boots Dub

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