Little Boots’ ‘Headphones’

Little Boots

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to hear five or six new tracks from our reigning ElectroPop princess Little Boots’ forthcoming new album, and believe me they were all strong contenders for single material. At a guess though, I would say this track, ‘Headphones’ will be next up for single treatment, being premiered on Radio1 is a big of a giveaway.

Produced with New York’s Disco duo The Knocks, when she played it live Victoria explained that the song was about going to a disco only to find out the music is shit, sticking your headphones on and having a boogie in your own little world (which leads to awkward moments when the disco music stops). To be honest, after a couple of amazing, but pretty underground singles, this is the track that is going to propel Boots back into the public consciousness. Classic DiscoPop and just shows victoria;’s talent for straddling the underground dance/shiny Pop line with ease, something now many can accomplish. This summer she’ll have us all singling!

♫ Little Boots – Headphones (Radio Rip)

‘Headphones’ will, we presume, be out soon. It’ll be interesting to see who is up for reMix duties.

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