Dimitri From Paris’ full Little Boots reMix

Little Boots

OK, the is (probably) the last post about Little Boots’ new single, ‘Headphones’, we promise (but keep our fingers crossed just in case). But we have to sat some quick words, because Dimitri From Paris has made the vocal version of his reMix available on his SoundCloud, and as we’ve mentioned in ‘Headphones’ posts previously, it;s the single standout reMix. So if you haven’t bought the single yet, this should be more than enough convincing.

This track is pure late ‘80’s gold, in much the same way that Fear Of Tigers’ reMix of Ronika’s ‘Only Only’ rocked our world, so does this. It;s got that same, slightly Bomb Da Bass feeling to it, but this track is far more Top Of The Pops, more electronic Soul, with a killer bassline and big stabs. You can read our enthusings about the Dub version here, just imagine that with Victoria’s sweet vocal all over it. Instant classic. On top of that, this extended version has a proper, good old, 12” extension to soak up some more cowbell!

♫ Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Extended reMix)

‘Headphones’ is out now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

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