Little Boots & Ronika

Little Boots

So, after a week of all things Little Bootsy and ‘Headphonesy’ you should have probably picked up the single by now, we won’t bother telling you how good it is again, thanks to the wonders of the internet you can go back and read out enthusing so we don;t have to type them again. But if you need still further convincing you a) probably hate fun and b) should check out our girl Ronika (Madonna Of The Midlands™ *sigh*)’s reMix. But be warned, it’s not what you expect.

What it is, is a fantastic late ‘80’s electronic Soul track, sung by someone who may have once been Little Boots before being pitched down an octave or two. The pitching suddenly warps Victoria into some kind of post-Motown Diva, accompanied by a shimmering soundtrack that actually quite dark in places. It’s a sumptuous track, that stands apart from it’s bedfellows on the single, delivering itself as practically a different song. A smooth groove amongst the frantic retro Pop. It’s unusual for someone to try something this daring with a reMix, and pull it off so well, especially on what could be considered a mainstream release. Most producers would play it safe. That Ronika just went with what she felt is something to be saluted.

♫ Little Boots – Headphones (Ronika reMix)

‘Headphones’ is out now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

4 comments on “Little Boots & Ronika

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