Jowie Schulner’s new tune


Boombar Music main man Jowie Schulner is celebrating the release of his new single, Two Hearts, with a bonus free track. This free gift to than fans for supporting the single is a classical powered progressive monster titled From Here To Eternity.

Not connected to the legendary Moroder song of the same name, this track is a Trance-like take on a classical piece, reminiscent of Ferry Corsten or William Orbits experimentations with bringing classical to the dancefloor. In fact, the tune is quite a unique mixture of Classical, Trance and SynthWave. It’s an uplifting, euphoric slice of vintage synth, peak time, dancefloor bliss. Enjoy, and check out Jowie’s new release.

Jowie Schulner – From Here To Eternity

Jowie Schulner’s Two Hearts is out now.

Buy Jowie Schulner’s music from:

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