Jowie Schulner’s ‘Boombar Music Club 005’ mixtape


Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 005 = Boombar main man Jowie (a man in desperate need of new press photos)  is back in the mix for this month’s awesome hand-picked cuts. Including Lenno & Jesse Oliver’s Miami Horror reMix, which I featured on my latest Mixtape, great minds think alike!

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 005

The tracklist:

01. Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Oliver SchoriesreMix)
02. Oliver Nickels – Velvet Graveyard
03. Avon Stringer – Spunky Shades (Holmes John reMix)
04. Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Satin Jackets Instrumental reMix)
05. Stefan Z – Nova
06. Stephen J. Kroos – Phobos
07. Kris O’Neil and JPL – No Porn Intended (Original Mix)
08. Jaytech – Ozone
09. Miami Horror – Holidays (Lenno and Jesse Oliver reMix)
10. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Oliver reMix)
11. Kaspar Kochker – What’s Up (Jose Ribera and Manolo Ribera reMix)

Check Jowie Schulner’s music on SoundCloud.

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