Jowie Schulner’s new tune


Jowie Schulner has started the week with a serious treat for all fans of synthesizer music. He’s dropped a new track, ‘Suspicious’, and it it would make Jean Michel-Jarre proud.

Mixing up an laidback Italo groove with some fantastic lead playing, Jowie has put together a track for long summer nights, sunrises over the city and intense introspection. Basically, go sit on the top of a building in an urban jungle, at sunrise, and brood about something you regret with just a hint of hopefulness…this track will be the prefect soundtrack to that. Or you could just go and dance to it, y’know, whatever. Jowie sure does know how to make a synth sing!

♫ Jowie Schulner – Suspicious

Check Jowie Schulner’s music on SoundCloud.

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