Alpha Boy & Jowie Schulner

Ooooo, an Alpha Boy and Jowie Schulner collaboration! That’s the kind of get together worth of an issue of Marvel Team-Up! Two of the most talented players in on the SynthWave scene getting together is like a meeting of retro-minds. You know how in the ‘70’s when two acclaimed Prog Rock guitarists met on the battlefield of the stage, you just know it’s going to be a technical solo extravaganza, well that’s what this is like, with synths.

And it’s totally epic, retro synth work with a musicality of the highest order. The solos are stratospheric and completely allowed to shine by a stripped down Italo backing. I like to thing Jowie and Alpha Boy took turns with the solos, kinda’ like a soaring synth lead battle. Can you imagine this performed live on keytars? That’d be awesome!

♫ Alpha Boy (Feat. Jowie Schulner)- Lost In Space

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