Fire Flowerz & Birdee

Fire Flowerz & Birdee

For the second time this month, Italian Disco grinders Fire Flowerz are on the team up tip. This time hopping over to MofoHiFi’s sister label Heavy Disco for a huge new double A-side single with Birdee. We hope you like irresistible grooves and filtering, things are going to get a bit awkward if you don’t.

Fire Flowerz & Birdee’s Nocturne EP [sic] (I say [sic] there, ‘cos two tracks does not make an EP, but anyway…) contains two tracks of beefy French inspired Disco. Kicking of with In The Night, these two tracks take no prisoners on the dancefloor. In The Night is a classic peak time Disco House tune, just the right amount of the catchy vocal sample, just the right amount of filtered builds, and just the right mix of hard hitting and funky. A workhorse Disco tune. When The Evening Comes breaks a more soulful ground, keeping the tempo up but rocking a 70s Disco flavour. Two shining Disco starts right here.

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – In The Night

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – When The Evening Comes

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