[Download] Fire Flowerz reMix Route94’s ‘My Love’



Italian Disco duo have done it again with this massive new reMix of Route94 and Jess Glynne’s smash My Love. Apparently the original was just too “chill” for their DJ sets so they souped it up and gave it one of their trademark high-octane makeovers, this time injecting a whole load of piano House into proceedings. Check it out.

Dripping with early 90s vibes, Fire Flowerz mix of My Love takes Glynne’s big diva vocal and runs with it. A heavy piano hook permeates the track, hammering out its’ infectious riff over broken waves of bass heavy House. Modulating vocal snatches, as is requisite these days, Fire Flowerz deliver a full on floorfiller which we’re sure went down a storm in their sets.

Route94 (Feat. Jess Glynne) – My Love (Fire Flowerz reMix)

Route94’s My Love is out now.

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[Audio] Fire Flowerz’s ‘Two Coffees’



Two Coffees is the new single from Italian high-octane Disco duo Fire Flowerz. Following their Overload EP from this summer, Two Coffees cracks on with the loud, ballsy, but ultimately funky-as-hell trajectory these guys are on, with the aim being squarely centred on the dancefloor.

This is what Fire Flowerz do best, full-on disco tunes filled to the top with big, abrasive snyth used in a funky way. Pounding, pounding beats, gritty chainsaw synths, heavily modulated collection of samples all designed to make the Disco bigger. And they’ve accomplished that mission as Two Coffees is truly Disco at it’s absolute largest.

♫ Fire Flowerz – Two Coffees

Fire Flowerz’s Two Coffees is out now.

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[Audio] Fire Flowerz’ ‘Overload’ EP


Fire Flowerz

Always on the ball, Italian Disco duo Fire Flowerz have only just released their new mini-album, Beats Per Minute, earlier this month but they’re already back in the game with a new official EP release on Fogbank Recordings. The Overload EP is a three track dirty Disco monster that breathes new life into the Sample Disco genre.

The EP’s title track is a warping slab of heavy synth Funk. Wrapping up French Touch, Nu-Disco and Electro-House into a warm and infectious synthetic beast. Loaded with thick, filtered sounds, it’s a dense track where the synths almost overshadow the loops, which is no bad thing, aside from the hook, there’s tons of little leads and melodies that all work together to create blissful dancefloor noise. Remedies is more traditional French Disco, built on heavily effected samples whilst Routine brings something a little crazy to the table. Injecting a little grit into it’s party time Disco hook, Routine’s over abundance of effects and modulation add to it’s mesmerising groove. Definitely an EP to add to the crate.

♫ Fire Flowerz – Overload

♫ Fire Flowerz- Routine

Fire Flowerz’s Overload EP is out now.

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[MP3] Fire Flowerz’s new mini-album


Fire Flowerz

Italian dirty Disco duo Fire Flowerz have just brightened up your week with the simple generous act of dropping a brand new mini-album, for absolutely free! These guys have been on our radar for a while now dealing out a bunch of top notch reMixes and collaborations with the likes of NAPT and Birdee, and now with the release of Beats Per Minute we get to revel in a solid chunk of original work.

Beats Per Minute, their first substantial release, contains seven tracks of scandalously grimy Disco and red-raw Funk. The release eases you in with My Fire, a slick Nu-Disco tune with a poolside vibe made all the more apparent with some enchanting talkbox work. Followed by the walking heavy bassline and sample Disco of Kisses In Technicolor Don’t let these sultry tunes fool you though, this release gets more intense as it progresses. L’Amour brings a little hypnotic Italo flavour to the album with it;s big ebb-and-flow synths and evolving Disco bassline. After an Interlude, Sheets reins in the weighty Funk with a laid back, almost R&B sound for lazy summer days. Don’t get too comfortable though, Impeto In G Minor delivers the release’s energetic high point, a brilliantly executed, if a little too short, example of cut-up Disco and big beats. Beats Per Minute’s final track, I Can’t Stay is a bit of an anomaly, with it’s mid-90s Dance take on Disco, but one that weirdly works really well. Maybe Big Beat,  Disco grooves, and wailing solos are the next big thing? All-in-all, Fire Flowerz have dropped a blinder of a début, and at this price you can’t say no.

Fire Flowerz – Impeto In G Minor

Fire Flowerz – L’ Amour

Fire Flowerz – Kisses In Technicolor

Fire Flowerz’s Beats Per Minute is out now, download it for free here.

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Fire Flowerz & Birdee

Fire Flowerz & Birdee

For the second time this month, Italian Disco grinders Fire Flowerz are on the team up tip. This time hopping over to MofoHiFi’s sister label Heavy Disco for a huge new double A-side single with Birdee. We hope you like irresistible grooves and filtering, things are going to get a bit awkward if you don’t.

Fire Flowerz & Birdee’s Nocturne EP [sic] (I say [sic] there, ‘cos two tracks does not make an EP, but anyway…) contains two tracks of beefy French inspired Disco. Kicking of with In The Night, these two tracks take no prisoners on the dancefloor. In The Night is a classic peak time Disco House tune, just the right amount of the catchy vocal sample, just the right amount of filtered builds, and just the right mix of hard hitting and funky. A workhorse Disco tune. When The Evening Comes breaks a more soulful ground, keeping the tempo up but rocking a 70s Disco flavour. Two shining Disco starts right here.

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – In The Night

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – When The Evening Comes

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Fire Flowerz & NAPT

Fire Flowerz

Italian pedal-to-the-metal Disco duo Fire Flowerz are bringing their particular brand of abrasive, addictive, Electro Funk to MofoHIFI with the release of this collaboration with London’s own NAPT. Connect was release last week and is already gaining some serious plays.

Connect is for those who like their groove a little harder and their Disco a little more jackhammer than smooth. Fire Flowerz and NAPT handle the heavy hitting Funk with ease and never loose sight of the underlying boogie, always remembering to work slick synth solos and infectious Disco hooks into their full-on dancefloor madness. This is one to drop when the night is peaking, watch it fly!

♫ Fire Flowerz (Feat. NAPT) – Connect

Fire Flowerz’s Connect is out now.

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