[Audio] B.G. Baarregaard’s ‘Give Your Heart To Me’


B.G. Baarregaard

The latest release on the consistently excellent Silhouette Music drops this week. It comes from Icelandic Disco producer B.G. Baarregaard who serves up a whole EP of Acid/Disco crossover tunes. As we’ve said a few times in recent months, the induction of screaming Acid lines into smooth Disco is something we very much enjoy, so this EP really does it for us.

The lead tune on the six track EP is Give Your Heart to Me which exemplifies the collection perfectly. One one level you’ve got a slick Disco number, complete with pumping beat, mood setting piano, slick Disco licks, a bassline that draws you in and big diva vocals reminiscent of 90s House hits. On top of which lives a burbling 303 pattern the runs through all the requite filter sweeps, taking the track from low grooves to squealing excitement. The combination is worked to it’s fullest by Baarregaard until the track peaks in a melting put of strings, synth stabs and 300 grooves. The whole EP is definitely worth your investigation.

♫ B.G. Baarregaard – Give Your Heart To Me

B.G. Baarregaard’s Taste Of Acid Love EP is out now.

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Monitor 66’s ‘Her Bells’

Monitor 66

This week the generally pretty awesome Silhouette Music, released ‘Her Bells’, the new single from Swedish trio Monitor 66. Getting their digital bass warmed up for the summer Monitor 66 have followed up their track ‘Triscuits’, which both The Magician and Zimmer rocked into their mixtapes with a track that is even more sweet.

‘Her Bells’ combines the smoothness of LA Disco with an energetic Italo flavoured Funk bassline. It’s a warm and inviting Dreamwavey Disco tune without a care in the world. While the track is laden with lush pads, sparkling bells and a deep, deep beat, it’s that digital bass that is the real deal sealer here. Like an the blissful ramblings of a Funk robot, that bassline just speaks to us. Alongside Gary Baldi, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra roll up for reMix duties and take things even deeper, before adding some 808 percussion and light House piano for a real smooth old school Chicago feel, and they keep the bassline! Good Work!

♫ Monitor 66 – Her Bells

♫ Monitor 66 – Her Bells (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra reMix)

Monitor 66 ‘Her Bells’ is out now.

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Emeron & Fox’s début single

Emeron & Fox

‘Dopecity’ is the forthcoming new, and début, single from the awesome Emeron & Fox. Released via Silhouette Music later in the month. We’ve been keeping an eye on these guys for the last few months even since they came onto our radar so we definitely agree that it’s about time for this Brooklyn based duo to start properly releasing stuff and I can’t think of a better partnership that with Silhouette.

‘So what can we expect from ‘Dopecity’? It’s a pretty classic SynthPop track with slight Nu-Disco overtones. Based in bass, the track revolves around it’s undulating and buzzing bassline. Layered on top are some rich retro synths and some haunting female vocals that despite being layered and quite ethereal end up being surprisingly catchy. The track is a nice mix of retro and contemporary and a nice premiere single. reMixes come from The Legendary 1970 Orchestra, L’Equipe Du Son & Follow Me. L’Equipe Du Son’s take on the track  is a deep Disco groove with some nice House topping. Rocking the ring modulator L’Equipe Du Son created a humming synthetic Disco tune with slowly moves along it’s hypnotic vibe to a multi-layered finale. Follow Me’s mix is a sweet, light, SynthWave track that is uplifting and infectious. Full of Funk and sweeping retro synths I think this version is the standout for us.

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Original Mix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Follow Me reMix)

Emeron & Fox’s ‘Dopecity’ is released 21st May on Silhouette Music.

Check out more from Emeron & Fox on SoundCloud.