[MP3] New tune from Follow Me


Follow Me

Brooklyn’s Follow Me are back with a brand new track that continues their chameleon like change from a slick Dreamwave outfit into a cool-as-hell retro House outfit. They’ve been hitting us with some storming reMixes recently, most recently their awesome reworking of Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?), but it’s time for them to drop a new original tune, and this one is massive.

Somethin’ ‘Bout You, is a pumping House track with an absolutely killer bassline. Brimming with spaced-out Dubby effects, this track let’s it’s various elements, swirling synths, hazy vocal hook, swim in and out of the track, wrapping themselves around that think, punchy bassline that rides the House groove. Follow Me have really stepped up their game with this one, and instant slice of dance music nostalgia with a modern and ecclectic twist.

Follow Me – Somethin’ ‘Bout You

Follow Me Somethin’ ‘Bout You is out now.

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