Passion Pit’s new video

Passion Pit continue their quest of Indie-Electro world dominance with the third single from their acclaimed sophomore album Gossamer. The slo-mo jam Constant Conversations.

Dori Oskowitz directs this story that features Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, actor/director Peter Bogdonavich and the one and only Taryn Manning.

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Taryn Manning’s ‘Moonwalk’ video

You know how yesterday I finally posted the Leisure Council produced Taryn Manning track, ‘Moonwalk’ and mentioned there was an awesome video I wasn’t allowed to post? Well apparently I am, so here it is.

Shot by the man with the eye, Paul Nguyen, the clip features Mr. Nicky Savage as a top fashion photographer, Jeremy rocking his bass and his will to live far too close to the edge of a rooftop and Sam living the Slash dream in some of most impressive axe work ever committed to film wile Ms. Manning generally lives it up. Also, someone needs to make an animated .gif of Fiero Leisure Council jumping through a roof into a pool!

Make sure you check out yesterday’s post about the track, as we’ve added a download!

‘Moonwalk’ is hopefully released soon!

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Leisure Council produces Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning

I’ve been sat on this track for so long, moths and months, that I was beginning to think it was never going to be released. Back when the Leisure Council (at the time still Firero) guys played me the track I didn’t really know who Taryn Manning was. Essentially, if someone has said “it’s Cherry from Sons Of Anarchy” I would have been right there, but I think as a recording artist (of quite good ElectroPop I have since discovered!) she’s not really that known outside America. Anyway, Nicky, Jeremy and Sam produced the hell out of her track ‘Moonwalk’, there’s even and awesome video, featuring Mr. Savage in fashion photographer mode and Sam channelling Guns & Roses’ Slash, that I’ve never been allowed to post. record label red-tape is really depressing sometimes.

‘Moonwalk’ is a seriously dreamy slice of what Fiero Leisure Council do best. Thick LA Funk and smooth Dreamwave combined. Talk Box laden grooves layer with huge, lush, synths and some of the sweetest sing-along vocals you’ll hear in a while. Taryn and Leisure Council seems like a match made in heaven. Not only are they a great musical match but both seem to embody a Californian party vibe that suits them and the track.  I hope this gets released some, and I hope the label make some wise choices with the reMixes.

Taryn Manning – Moonwalk (Produced By Leisure Council)

‘Moonwalk’ is released soon, i hope. if not there’ll be hell to pay!

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