Show Your Shoe reMixes Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

Show Your Shoe is back! After some time away from music with a flooded studio Nico has got his Disco groove back and whist there are some special tracks waiting in the wings he is announcing his return to the party with this reMix of New York Indie-Electro duo Freedom Fry’s Summer In the City.

The Swiss wonder has always has game above that of many of his contemporaries, he has an ability to make musical connection, and find unique grooves that leaves many others in the dust. His reMix of Summer In the City is a Tropical House mash-up with quirky melodies and intricate percussion. Nico brings a feel-good beach vibe to the track and once again, his use of percussion as a melodic instrument adds an added euphoric funk. The whole island groove is give a House kick with a slick piano line and a thumping beat, the perfect sunshine combination. Show Your Shoe has been quite far too long, we’re so glad he’s back!

♫ Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The Summer In The City reMix EP is out now on Bandcamp with a track listing that reads like a who’s-who of electronic rumors favourites.

Buy Freedom Fry’s music from:


Christa Vi’s ‘Your Heart’ single

Christa V

London based Australian/German singer/songwriter, with a cheeky preference for ElectroPop, Christa Vi,’s single ‘Your Heart’ finally sees release in March.

‘Your Heart’ is a track that’s best described as “really enjoyable”. It’s got everything you’d want from a summer Pop hit. Lyrically and vocally the track is shot through with a strain of melancholy, but the track retains a light, catchy air that is pretty infectious and will worm it’s way into your brain. We featured the Show Your Shoe reMix a while back but it’s worth revisiting as Nico nails it here with his trademark funky bass, big strings and musicality above and beyond that of many of his peers. The UK Funky quota is delivered by Reggie Pepper, who drops a deep, Housey take on the track, hypnotic bass and addictive grooves abound. ‘Your Heart’ is a confident début from Christa, and one that gives us the feeling we’ll probably be hearing a lot more from her in future.

♫ Christa Vi – Your Heart (Original Version)

♫ Christa Vi – Your Heart (Show Your Shoe reMix)

♫ Christa Vi – Your Heart (Reggie Pepper reMix)

‘Your Heart’ is released 26th March, Christa is hosting a launch party upstairs at the Camden Lock Tavern on the 23rd.

Check Out more from Christa Vi on SoundCloud.

Cassius & Show Your Shoe


Our favourite Swiss Disco genius Show Your Shoe has worked his complex funky magic on Cassius’ ‘The Sound Of Violence’.

There’s so much funk in this reMix it’s bursting at the seems. Intricate tropical beats provide the groove for some big squelchy Moog bass and layers and layers of Disco madness to ride over. Untamed dancefloor madness!”

Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Show Your Shoe Bootleg)

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Show Your Shoe & SaiR


SaiR and Show Your Shoe, two names that are constantly on our playlists, together at last.

Show Your Shoe’s reMix of ‘Clockwise’ sees Nico braking out the big synth bass and slick Disco riffs for a track with is equal parts pumping and epic. Taken to rhythmic new places by some sweet string hits, this new reMix kinda’ carries you along in it’s journey through the landscape of Funk.

SaiR – Clockwise (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Check out the original on Sair’s SoundCloud.

Buy SaiR’s music from:

Show Your Shoe reMixes Christa Vi

Christa Vi

Mr. Nico Müller is back in the place! Show Your Shoe has been a little quite of late but it looks like he’s been keeping himself busy (not least with a secret project for us, but I’m not going to tell you what that is right now! Hahaha) as this reMix for Christa Vi proves.

More and more ,Show Your Shoe is becoming the benchmark for Funky hooks and beach party percussion and this reMix shows off Nico’s mastery of those elements amazingly. Coupled with that is a big of a late ‘80’s UK electronic Soul/Pop groove that makes Christa, a London based Singer/Songwriter sound like the prefect ‘80’s Pop diva. If I was a Nu-Disco producer out there, the Show Your Shoe would be the act to beat.

♫ Christa Vi – Your Heart (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Check out more from Christa Vi on SoundCloud.

Popskarr’s new single


South African reMix and production duo Popskarr have just dropped their new single ‘Tonight’ for free.

‘Tonight’ is a song of two levels. On one hand it’s got a stomping modern Electro beat and a touch of Electro-House about it, but on top of that the chords and vocals are really melancholic 80’s. It’s an interesting combination that really works and as the track builds toward it;’s finale there is a real sense of drama about the track. reMixes are supplied by, amongst others, Show Your Shoe and King Of Town. SYS show us a different side to his work with a chilled, almost ambient tune. Rolling, glitchy, drums and broken synths are used to their fullest effect to create a really involving atmospheric electronic peice. King Of Town go all out with a dancefloor oriented ElectroPop stomper, heavy on the sweeping.

Popskarr – Tonight (Original)

Popskarr – Tonight (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Popskarr – Tonight (King Of Town’s Destroy The Brain Or Remove The Head reMix)

You can download the whole EP for free here.

Buy Popskarr’s music from:


Coupons & Show Your Shoe


Oh, this was always going to be fun. Coupons & Show Your Shoe teaming up to interpret Jefferson Starship’s ‘Sara’.

Stripping the song right down and layering it with bouncy lead riffs and tons of synthesizer Funk this head on collision between two of the most exciting acts in Nu-Disco has produced a slick summer Disco jam with a side helping of keyboard wizardry. Put together by Coupons and Show Your Shoe sending ideas back and forth the team up’s end result is the one track you should be taking to the beach with you.

Coupons & Show Your Shoe – Sara

Buy Coupons’ music from:


Buy Show Your Shoe’s music from:

Beaumont’s ‘Skyline’

Hot on the heels of his last offering, ‘City Meets Soldier’, Melbourne producer Beaumont keeps his momentum going with a brand new single, ‘Skyline’.

In a kind of evolutionary cycle Beaumont started out producing Disco and Electro tunes, then he applied his skills in their area to more atmospheric, soundtrack-like pieces, and now with ‘Skyline’ he brings the beat back but retains the epic and evocative nature of his recent tunes. ‘Skyline’ is almost a feel-good antidote to ‘City Meets Soldier’’s intensity. It’s the hope for the future in the face of adversity, the picking yourself up after a fall, the sunrise after a night spent chewing your face off. It’s got some corking reMixes too!

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Beaumont reMix)

Show Your Shoe and Fiero step up to the plate for reMix duties with Show Your Shoe getting his extreme Funk on in a way that will surely solidify his reputation as one of the most talented producers of Electro/Disco/Funk around, while the Firero boys round of the EP by bringing more smooth than you can handle with some seriously majestic Dreamwave sounds.

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Show Your Shoe reMix)

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Fiero reMix)

Buy Beaumont’s music from:

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Blue Satellite’s ‘Aurora’ EP

Blue Satellite’s new EP dropped yesterday, and it’s a pretty awesome cosmic journey through electronic funk and Disco.

Philip Schwan, A.K.A. Blue Satellite, has given us two perfectly crafted tracks of Space-funk with a Dreamwave edge. ‘Aurora Pt. I’ layers a killer Funk bass with shimmering retro synths and a melody that is pure 70’s Japanese Sci-Fi anime star-travel sequence, topped of with a soaring Disco solo toward the end. The whole thing works amazingly together. It’s both got a serious groove and is a beautiful composition. ‘Aurora Pt. II’ is more of a Dreamwave affair reminiscing of the good old Valerie stuff but keeping Blue Satellite’s talent for basslines in the mix.

The EP is filled out with some top quality reMixes. Take a listen to Japanese DJ Taku-Hero A.K.A.Kill The Hero and electronic rumors favourite Show Your Shoe’s versions.

♫ Blue Satellite – Aurora Pt. I

Blue Satellite – Aurora Pt. I (Kill The Hero reMix)

♫ Blue Satellite – Aurora Pt. II (Vocal Mix)

♫ Blue Satellite – Aurora Pt. II (Show Your Shoe Mix)

‘Blue Satellite’s ‘Aurora’ EP is out now.

Buy Blue Satellite’s music from:


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More from Show Your Shoe’s reMix EP with Coupons

Yesterday we pimped out Beaumont’s reMix of ‘Jetskiing’ from Show Your Shoe’s ‘Technik City Revisited’ EP of reMixes.

Today you can have a listen to Coupons awesome Disco/DancePop take on ‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’, it’s such simple groove yet so perfectly executed and the addition of double-timing the House piano halfway brings the song to a euphoric crescendo. This remix EP is defiantly something you should get your hands on, it’s top quality throughout.

♫ Show Your Shoe – Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor (Coupons reMix)

‘Technik City’ and ‘Technik City Revisited’ are out now.

Buy Show Your Shoe’s music from:

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