Fiero are the latest in the long line of top quality Dreamwave and Nu-Disco coming out of California that you should be keeping an eye on.

Made up of DJ Nicky Savage along with fellow DJ and bassist Disco, For Your Health and Punk drummer/guitarist Sam//Aftermath, the trio knock out mixtapes full of smooth Electro party tunes and reMixes with more 80’s ElectroPop and Funk than you could shake an 80’s ElectroPop and Funky stick at.

Checking out their original material, though, is a thing of magic (as they themselves would tell you). Obviously there is a hint of the LA/Binary Dreamwave sound in the mix but they’ve got this strong late 80’s ElectroSoul or DancePop vibe running throughout. ‘Snacks On The Beach’ is pure summer fun, a party jam, a driving jam, a chilling jam. Mixing up a semi-rolling bassline, electro toms and the intertwining of some shimmering lead lines, the whole thing is an synthesizer barbeque with your best friends and finest beers.

Fiero – Snacks On The Beach (Original Mix)

Check out more from Fiero and give them some MySpace lovin’:

Fiero @ MySpace

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