Fiero’s new magical mixtape


Fiero – Strictly Business Mixtape = The Fiero crew are keeping our spirits up in these dark times with a whole mix of smooth Nu-Disco sounds sprinkled with a little Fiero magic.

Fiero – Strictly Business Mixtape

The Tracklist:

01. Fiero “Strictly Risky” Intro.
02. Penguin Prision – Multi-Millionaire (Shook Remix)
03. Bright Shades – Girls Want More
04. Jump Jump Dance Dance – 2.0 (Fare Soldi Zompa Zompa Remix)
05. Alex Metric – It Starts (Reset! Remix)
06. Grum – Runaway (Nightriders Remix)
07. B Pierre De La Touche – Coconut (Moonchild Remix)
08. Fabian- Dreams to Wishes
09. Russ Chimes – Tonic
10. The Robot Disaster – Guitars Are Overrated (Neo Tokyo Remix)
11. Mint Royale – Singin’ In The Rain (Club Mix)
12. Gypsy & The Cat- Jona Vark (Alan Braxe Remix)
13. Bloc Party – One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix)
14. Justin Faust – Witty

If you’ve read this post before, don’t panic, you’re not stuck in a time loop. For some reason the original post disappeared. From the site, from Feedburner and from Window Live Writer (the writing tool I use). Just like that. the only evidence it ever existed was it got autoposted to Twitter and Facebook. Luckily Facebook has all the text so I can just recreate it. I’m keeping an eye on this tricky bastard though!

Check out more from Fiero on SoundCloud.

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