[Download] Dimitri From Paris reMixes Claude Nougaro’s ‘Nougayork’


Dimitri From Paris

The latest subject of French retro synth wizard Dimitri From Paris’ considerable reMixing skills is the late French crooner Claude Nougaro. Working over his most famous tune, Nougayork, Dimitri presents is here in both vocal and dub flavours. The dub version is a free download too.

This mix has everything we’ve come to love in Dimitri’s track all rolling into a frantic five minutes. It crazy full of Italo basslines and orchestral stabs that work alongside the tracks horns and guitar to deliver full-on 80s madness. Whether it should work with the vocals is debatable, but it’s undeniable that it does. The most authentically retro tracks of Dimitri’s to date, this one is pure 80s gold with the dub mix standing just as proudly.

♫ Claude Nougaro – Nougayork (Dimitri From Paris 2014 Full Length Vocal reMix)

Claude Nougaro – Nougayork (Dimitri From Paris Is Nightdubbin’ In 2014 reMix)

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[Audio] €urocrats’ ‘Black Hole Bass’



Deep warehouse vibes right here from the new single from AeroPop supergroup €urocrats, a collaboration between Vito Aeroplane and Dimitri From Paris. Getting twisted and dark, as opposed to their more Boogie laden previous single Follow Me, this single comes in two flavours, 606 and 909, and we bet you can imagine what to expect from either.

Whilst the 909 version is pure Acid tinged Chicago House madness, it;s the 606 version that caught or eye. Stripped of the occasionally harsh 909 beats, this version relies on a more synthetic feel courtesy of the 606 purcussion. Coupled with pulsating vintage synths and a voice of doom, this one is a hypnotic, Acid fuelled, jam for dark backrooms and seedy after-parties. Retro floorfilling goodness.

♫ €urocrats – Black Hole Bass (606 Version)

€urocrats’ Black Hole Bass is out 10th February.

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[Audio] Dimitri From Paris reMixes Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’



Dubstep and Bass producer tuned Disco funkster Skream’s recent, and slightly controversial we guess, single, the Sam Frank featuring Rollercoaster stirred the pot a little. Disco dudes made frown faces at this one time bass head encroaching on their mirrorballed dancefloor and Dubstep bros bemoaned the mans abandonment of ‘serious’ music for something with a little more soul. At the end of the day Rollercoaster was actually a really good Disco tune, one that just highlighted what a talented producer Skream is, whatever he turns his attention to. Anyhoo, the track’s been given a reMix workout by one of our favourite producers from he last few years, Dimitri From Paris. Check it out.

With a little help on live instrumentation from Alex Finkin, Dimitri delivers a top notch seven (nearly eight) minute dancefloor epic. Loaded with sweet vocoding, heavyweight bass and an utterly irresistible groove. Big, squelchy, vintage synths dominate the track, warbling here and there against the talk box refrain, breaking momentarily for a soaring solo, before launching back into the sparkly funk. Pure Disco bliss.

♫ Skream (Feat. Sam Frank) – Rollercoaster (Dimitri From Paris reMix)

Skream’s Rollercoaster is out now.

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[MP3] Dimitri From Paris reMixes Breakbot


Last week, we tweeted and posted on G+If I was writing this week (as opposed to starting again on Monday) I would be writing about this!” in regard to Dimitri From Paris’ reMix of Breakbot’s Break Of Dawn. Since that tweet that track has received a fair bit of coverage, not least because it’s a free download, but we haven’t found anything in the past seven days that we would rather write about, so it gets a post anyway (even though, if you follow is on Google+ or Twitter you’ll have probably already heard it).

The last few months have been a revelation in respect to Dimitri From Paris, we’ve featured him a lot over the years on electronic rumors, but in 2012 he really knocked out socks off. The man has two tracks in our favourite reMixes of 2012, and I can tell you that was very nearly three, and it looks like he’s busting into 2013 in the same fashion. Break Of Dawn is the opener of Breakbot’s acclaimed début album, By Your Side. A gliding, slick, 70s Disco tune that, in Dimitri’s hands, become a late 80s ElectroPop monster. Funky digital bass and little Disco licks give it an Electric Soul vibe whist the B-Boy beat lends a necessary punch. A fantastic way to start the year.

Breakbot – Break Of Dawn (Dimitri From Paris Boogie Dawn reMix)

Breakbot’s By Your Side is out now.

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Dimitri From Paris’ Little Boots Dub

little boots

If on Monday you picked up Little Boots’ new single, ‘Headphones’, (and if you didn’t, why the hell not?) you would have been treated to two amazing reMixes. Firstly from our girl Ronika, who delivers a pitch bent grove laden jam. Secondly from Dimitri From Paris, who’s ‘80’s Disco Pop reMix is pure TOTP gold (which actually reminds us a little of Fear Of Tigers reMix of Ronika’s ‘Only Only’, our number one track of last year).

The man has just released the Dub version on his SoundCloud so you can check out the B-Boy bassline, the retro Electronic Soul beat and the big keyboard hits. All this is ties together nicely with an FM bassline running a nice groove and, of course, all the cowbells in the world. there’s even a whistle in there, what more do you need to know. Dmitri’s really channelling the poppier side of Mantronix here, and that’s awesome. You really should go buy the single for the vocal version, but for the time being, roll out your lino and stick the dub version in your boom box. You’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ in no time.

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)

Boot’s new single ‘Headphones’ will but out 16th June, the video is coming this week.

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Sébastien Tellier ‘Cochon Ville’

Sébastien Tellier

Next month sees French ElectroPop genius Sébastien Tellier finally release his long awaited (well, around here definitely) new single ‘Cochon Ville’, after the brief welcome back of ‘Pépito Bleu’ it’s a funk return to form that leaves us excited for his forthcoming album, ‘My God Is Blue’.

Produced by Ed Banger’s Mr. Flash, the track is smooth slice of French DiscoPop that’s backed by some awesome reMixes. The Magician us front and centre with a track that harkens back to the days of Pet Shop Boys at the Disco. Shifting the mood of the tune into one of  late night ‘80’s dancefloors The Magician takes you on a synthesized journey through rain soaked back alleys and seedy bars. Hey Champ! take on the track is pure ‘80’s ElectroPop Funk with hints of Axel F while Dimitri From Paris’ Acid soaked Disco is a strange, but pleasing collision between burbling 303’s and ‘70’s Moroder.

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (The Magician reMix)

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (Hey Champ! reMix) (Preview)

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix) (Preview)

‘Cochon Ville’ is released 16th April via Record Makers.

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Storm Queen + Aeroplane & Dimitri From Paris


Storm Queen is the alter ego of one of the New York House scene’s biggest names, Morgan Geist. His track, ‘Look Right Through’ has been out a while but next month it gets a brand new reMix package featuring some storming tracks.

Aeroplane drop the standout mix of the EP with a synth heavy Disco sound, the filtered arpeggio bassline has got this irresistible little Funk to it, it’s definitely a riff that will stick in your head all day. Areoplane manages to add his own brand if electro Disco in the mix but retains the deep ‘90’s House vibe of the original and works the rich, soulful vocals to their fullest. Dimitri From Paris brings the late ‘80’s Chicago House back around and cranks it up to 11 with some huge piano lines. it’s a track that demands a video shot a night with cheap video effects!

♫ Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Aeroplane reMix)

♫ Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix)

‘Look Right Through’ set for release 1st February on Defected Records.

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Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca’s new EP

Dimitri From Paris

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca have come together once more, riding the success of their ‘A Reason for Living’ EP, for a brand new six track release.

‘Erodiscotique’ continues in the same vein of floor filling Electro-Boogie with a nice live instrumentation feel. Interestingly, the EP features a cover of Pet Shop Boys ‘Domino Dancing’ which builds upon the song with a sweet ‘90’s house piano. Both Rocca and Dimitri deliver their interpretations of the track, with Rocca mix just taking the prize for being slightly more retro-funky. the EP’s lead track, ‘Ero Disco Theme’, nicely mixes synthesizer Funk with beach Disco for a smooth and sexy party starter. The other original, ‘Back To House’ does exactly what is says on the tin, this is pure Chicago House, pure late ‘80’s, and a really good approximation of it too, it;s got that deep groove and 909 beats, the House piano and a soulful melody on top. And of course, a sample of some deep voiced dude going on about “House Music”, now that’s authenticity!

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Domino Dancing (DJ Rocca Club reMix)

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Ero Disco Theme

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Back To House

Once again Dimitri and Rocca have turned in a quality, and recommended, disco filling release. It’s released 21st November via Gomma.

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Dimitri From Paris reMixes Clubfeet


Another reMix now from Clubfeet’s just released new single ‘Last Words’, this time the groove comes courtesy of Dimitri From Paris.

Complimenting RAC and The C90s reMixes, Dimitri takes the track down a Tropical Disco-House route. Not as ElectroPop as The C90’s version, this mix a laden with raw percussion and hammered piano giving it the air of a live jam, albeit one with some very funky musicians.

Clubfeet – Last Words (Dimitri From Paris reMix)

‘Last Words’ is out now.

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