The C90s’ ‘October Chart Mix’ + Clubfeet reMix

the c90s

The C90s – October Chart Mix = an hour and a half packed with The C90s pick of the cream of ElectroPop, Nu-Disco and House around right now. There’s some seriously choice tunes here.

TheC90s – October Chart Mix

The tracklist:

01. Ron Basejam – Looter
02. Yacht – Dystopia (Emperor Machine reMix)
03. Gigamesh – Red Light
04. Cherokee – Take Care Of You
05. Edit Murphy – Mercy
06. Honom – Bedcat
07. Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road
08. Bag Raiders – Not Over (Softwar reMix)
09. The Noodleman – Pickle Juice (Morning After)
10. Jan Driver – Commercial
11. Crazy P – Open For Service (Hot Toddy reMix)
12. Gay Marvine – Doyouwannafuck? Do You?
13. David Woods – 1 00 00
14. MAM Edit – Bedroom Dancer
15. Miguel Campbell – Kiss & Tell
16. When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (Broke One reMix)
17. Roman Flugel – Dishes & Wishes
18. Tanner Ross – 4U
19. Paradis – Parfait Tirage

Check out The c90s reMix of Clubfeet’s new tune ‘Last Words’, the guys make the track bouncy analog ElectroPop, stripping the Indie-Electro elements and replacing them with burbling synths and a get-up-and-dance Pop vibe.

Clubfeet – Last Words (The C90s reMix)

‘Last Words’ is out soon.

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