[Audio] Xinobi reMixes Moullinex


Moullinex and Xinobi. Lisbon’s Disco mafia. Once again bringing the reMix to each others tunes. This time Xinobi’s having a crack at Darkest Night, from Moullinex’s début album Flora. A track Xinobi apparently had a hard time getting to grips with, considering it “non-touchable”, but we’re kinda pleased that he did.

What Xinobi has done here is create and absolutely epic, deep , Disco track. Whereas the original had an almost World Music feel to it’s percussion, giving it’s Bond theme vocals an eerie edge, here Xinobi plays up the drama, setting big haunting synth solos against a rumbling hypnotic groove. The soaring, theatrical, vocals pair perfectly with a restrained House beat and a mysterious late night vibe.

♫ Moullinex – Darkest Night (Xinobi reMix)

Moullinex’s Darkest Night single is released this week on Gomma.

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Moullinex & Gigamesh


Next month Gomma man Moullinex will finally be releasing his long awaited début (really?) album, Flora, and boy it’s going to be a funk fuelled killer. In preparation we’ve got two new tracks for you here. First up a celebratory freebie from the man himself followed by a reMix of his new single from Gigamesh.

Moullinex dropped Kassette as one of those ‘reached xxxx ‘likes’ or whatever’ milestones. Whereas we are pretty opposed to this meaningless numbers game the music industry is turning into, we can’t fault a new Moullinex track. Kassette is an Edit of Kasso’s Walkman from 1982 that Moullinex has been playing out for quite a while and now it can be enjoyed in all it’s twisted funk, multi instrumental, infectious hook, glory. Take My Pain Away will be the album’s preceding single and alongside reMixes from Rory Phillips, Strip Steve, and DJ Steef sits this blinding track from Gigamesh. Gigamesh whips up an epic retro Disco tune that just goes to prove why he is one of Disco big rising stars. A flawless production built on an irresistible funky groove and driven on by some spine-tingling solos.

Moullinex – Kassette

♫ Moullinex – Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh reMix)

Moullinex’s Flora is released 25th October, with Take My Pain Away just before on the 9th.

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Moullinex & Peaches ‘Maniac’ video

Here’s the video for Moullinex & Peaches’ cover of Michael Sembello’s ‘Maniac’ (yes, that ‘Manic’, from Flashdance!).

The track is part of the forthcoming Gomma cover EP which features Moullinex, Telonius, Munk and The Phenomenal Handclap Band covering Michael Sembello, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and  Skatt Brothers.

The ‘Casablanca Reworks’ Ep is out next week.

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Justin Faust reMixes Moullinex


Here we have Justin Faust’s contribution to Moullinex’s forthcoming ‘Modular Jam’ reMix EP.

Mr. Faust adds some razor sharp synths with an almost Acid burbling to his crisp, clean Disco. Everything about this mix is so bright, like a shining white future built upon layers and layers of  head nodding riffs, immaculately produced. With an infectious hook and a mix that lets every element shine through, Faust has knocked out another winner here.

♫ Moullinex – Modular Jam (Justin Faust reMix)

‘Modular Jam‘ is out 16th December on Gomma.

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Munk’s new video

Here we have the new clip for Munk’s ‘So Close’, featuring Lou Hayter (who’s someone in New Young Pony Club who’s not Tahita).

The track is pretty chilled, but pretty infectious.

‘So Close’ comes from Munk’s ‘the Bird And The Beat’ album, out now on Gomma.

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Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca’s new EP

Dimitri From Paris

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca have come together once more, riding the success of their ‘A Reason for Living’ EP, for a brand new six track release.

‘Erodiscotique’ continues in the same vein of floor filling Electro-Boogie with a nice live instrumentation feel. Interestingly, the EP features a cover of Pet Shop Boys ‘Domino Dancing’ which builds upon the song with a sweet ‘90’s house piano. Both Rocca and Dimitri deliver their interpretations of the track, with Rocca mix just taking the prize for being slightly more retro-funky. the EP’s lead track, ‘Ero Disco Theme’, nicely mixes synthesizer Funk with beach Disco for a smooth and sexy party starter. The other original, ‘Back To House’ does exactly what is says on the tin, this is pure Chicago House, pure late ‘80’s, and a really good approximation of it too, it;s got that deep groove and 909 beats, the House piano and a soulful melody on top. And of course, a sample of some deep voiced dude going on about “House Music”, now that’s authenticity!

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Domino Dancing (DJ Rocca Club reMix)

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Ero Disco Theme

♫ Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Back To House

Once again Dimitri and Rocca have turned in a quality, and recommended, disco filling release. It’s released 21st November via Gomma.

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Jerry Bouthier’s 100% Gomma Edits

Jerry Bouthier bouthier6

Kitsuné resident DJ, on half of JBAG and all round London ElectroPop superstar Jerry Bouthier is teaming up with Gomma Dance Tracks to drops a four track EP of his personal edits of some of Gomma’s recent knockouts.

JB really is the master of the edit (I’ll direct you to ‘Riot In Belgium – La Musique (JBAG’s BoomBoxed Re-Edit)’ as proof of that statement) and here he works his magic on The Twelves’ reMix of Munk’s ‘Violent Love’, Golden Bug’s ‘LookLookLook’ as reMixes by In Flagranti, Alan1’s ‘Concertmate’ and the THC reMix of Hall of Shame’ by Diskokaine. Check out Mr. Bouthier’s ‘100% Gomma mix’ to see how they are going down.

Jerry Bouthier – 100% Gomma Edits MiniMix

The ‘100% Gomma mix’ is out now with the ‘100% Gomma Edits’ EP later in August.

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