[Audio] Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’



London producer Skream continues his decent (or ascent?) into Disco and House, much to the chagrin of his hardcore Dubstep fan-base, and much to the debasement of the Nu-Disco crowd. But here’s the thing…he’s actually really good at it. This is evidenced by his forthcoming new single, Rollercoaster, a collaboration with fellow Londoner Sam Frank.

Rollercoaster is such a luscious slice of LA Synth Funk that it’s hard not to love it. Chirpy little synth riffs, wicked licks and a thumping bassline, all wrapped up with a vintage sheen and Frank’s smooth vocals, what more could you ask for in a poolside tune? How about some twisted talkbox action? You got it. Even the waiting guitar solo seems to work when paired with some Zapp & Roger style synth work. Don;t worry about who’s producing it, just enjoy.

♫ Skream (Feat. Sam Frank) – Rollercoaster

Skream’s Rollercoaster is released 27th October.

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