[Audio] Dimitri From Paris reMixes Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’



Dubstep and Bass producer tuned Disco funkster Skream’s recent, and slightly controversial we guess, single, the Sam Frank featuring Rollercoaster stirred the pot a little. Disco dudes made frown faces at this one time bass head encroaching on their mirrorballed dancefloor and Dubstep bros bemoaned the mans abandonment of ‘serious’ music for something with a little more soul. At the end of the day Rollercoaster was actually a really good Disco tune, one that just highlighted what a talented producer Skream is, whatever he turns his attention to. Anyhoo, the track’s been given a reMix workout by one of our favourite producers from he last few years, Dimitri From Paris. Check it out.

With a little help on live instrumentation from Alex Finkin, Dimitri delivers a top notch seven (nearly eight) minute dancefloor epic. Loaded with sweet vocoding, heavyweight bass and an utterly irresistible groove. Big, squelchy, vintage synths dominate the track, warbling here and there against the talk box refrain, breaking momentarily for a soaring solo, before launching back into the sparkly funk. Pure Disco bliss.

♫ Skream (Feat. Sam Frank) – Rollercoaster (Dimitri From Paris reMix)

Skream’s Rollercoaster is out now.

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[Video] Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’


Skream   Rollercoaster ft. Sam Frank   YouTube

Here’s the video for Skream and Sam Frank’s suspiciously good Nu-Disco powerhouse Rollercoaster, which is still over a month away but already making waves.

Directed by Ian Robertson, the video is good, old fashioned, nihilistic fun. Party at the end of the world. It’s a mirrorball!

Skream’s Rollercoaster is released 27th October.

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[Audio] Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’



London producer Skream continues his decent (or ascent?) into Disco and House, much to the chagrin of his hardcore Dubstep fan-base, and much to the debasement of the Nu-Disco crowd. But here’s the thing…he’s actually really good at it. This is evidenced by his forthcoming new single, Rollercoaster, a collaboration with fellow Londoner Sam Frank.

Rollercoaster is such a luscious slice of LA Synth Funk that it’s hard not to love it. Chirpy little synth riffs, wicked licks and a thumping bassline, all wrapped up with a vintage sheen and Frank’s smooth vocals, what more could you ask for in a poolside tune? How about some twisted talkbox action? You got it. Even the waiting guitar solo seems to work when paired with some Zapp & Roger style synth work. Don;t worry about who’s producing it, just enjoy.

♫ Skream (Feat. Sam Frank) – Rollercoaster

Skream’s Rollercoaster is released 27th October.

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La Roux guests for Skream

Dubstep innovator Skream will be releasing his second album, ‘Outside the Box’ on Tempa later in August and after he helped propel La Roux into dancefloor superstardom it seems only fair that they return the favour by appearing on one of his tracks.

‘Finally’ is a deep string led moody track with a vaguely eastern feel to it. I gotta’ say, heavy sub works really well with Elly Jackson’s voice, the highs and lows really complimenting each other.

Skream (Feat. La Roux) – Finally

‘Outside The Box’ drops 9th August.

Skream @ Beatport

Skream @ Juno

Skream @ 7Digital

Skream @ Amazon

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