Christa Vi & Cosmonaut Grechko

Christa Vi

London based singer/songwriter Christa Vi is at it again, once more is she not showing off her own considerable musical talent, but also her knack for picking the best reMixers. her new single, Small Way Through, is a taster of what to expect from her forthcoming début album and comes backed with a reMix from Russia’s finest, Cosmonaut Grechko.

The original version of the tune sees Christa at her finest. From the school of Saint Etienne ElectroPop Christa’s music appeals because it seems so down to earth, so relatable. As she serenades, appearing effortlessly cool, over toy town drum machine beats, it’s hard not to be drawn into her musical world. Grechko rewinds to the ‘70’s with his reMix. Pure Lounge Disco bliss, complete with slowed down Tropical rhythms and and some of the smoothest electric piano you will ever hear in your entire life, turning Christa’s introspective song into a vintage holiday soundtrack. Christa Vi’s album is definitely something we are keeping out eyes out for, it’s due early next year/

♫ Christa Vi – Small Way Through (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

♫ Christa Vi – Small Way Through (Original Version)

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