[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards: BEST ALBUM – electronic rumors’ top 20 albums of 2013



This was a no brainer for us. If you follow us on Twitter or Google+ you’ll have a pretty good idea of who’s taking home the award right here. We did gush about it quite a bit just before it was released. Still, it’s not like the competition was weak, we recently took to Twitter to call the runner up here ‘one of the greatest living producers today’.

In fact, the result of this category just goes to show that 2013 really was the year of the album. Some stunning full-length records were releases too. The entire top ten on this list are all absolutely essential bodies of work. Any fan of electronic music should without question own each of these records. They say the album format is dead, 2013 begs to differ.

So, what haven’t we already said about Glaswegian ElectroPoppers Chvrches’ début album The Bones Of What You Believe? You can read our full review of the record here, where we just harp on and on about how they don’t make records like this anymore. Our review pretty much sums up how we feel about this album, and in the four months it’s been out barely a day has gone by when we haven’t dipped into it. No album in recent years has moved us musically, and emotionally, anywhere near the amount The Bones Of What You Believe has. To quote our review; “Chvrches’ album is fucking stunning!”. From the first play, there was never any doubt who would top of the Best Album list.

01: Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe (Virgin/Glassnote)

♫ Chvrches – The Mother We Share

…and the rest of the list:

02: Starcadian – Sunset Blood (Self Released)

♫ Starcadian – Chinatown

03: Tesla Boy – The Universe Made Of Darkness (Gorby)

♫ Tesla Boy – Fantasy

04: Charli XCX – True Romance (Asylum)

♫ Charli XCX – You’re The One

05: Marnie – Crystal World (Self Released)

♫ Marnie – The Hunter

06: Little Boots – Nocturnes (On Repeat)

♫ Little Boots – Motorway

07: Jensen Sportag – Stealth Of Days (Cascine)

♫ Jensen Sportag – Hidden, Hunted

08: Holy Ghost! – Dynamics (DFA)

♫ Holy Ghost! – Dumb Disco Ideas

09: Maya Jane Coles – Comfort (I Am Me Recordings)

♫ Maya Jane Coles (Feat. Karin Park) – Everything

10: Shook – Shook (Epicentre)

♫ Shook – Love For You

11: Disclosure – Settle (Universal Island Records)

♫ Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn

12: Fenech-Soler – Rituals (Republic Of Music)

♫ Fenech-Soler – Magnetic

13: AlunaGeorge – Body Music (Island Records)

♫ AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

14: Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Modular Recordings/Republic Of Music)

♫ Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

15: Bastille – Bad Blood (Virgin)

♫ Bastille – Overjoyed

16: Sally Shapiro – Somewhere Else (Paper Bag Records)

♫ Sally Shapiro (Feat. Electric Youth) – Starman

17: Classixx – Hanging Gardens (Innovative Leisure)

♫ Classixx – Holding On

18: St. Lucia – When The Night (Sony Music)

♫ St. Lucia – Elevate

19: Hot Natured – Different Sides Of The Sun (Hot Creations/Warner Music)

♫ Hot Natured (Feat. Róisín Murphy) – Alternate State

20: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Daft Life/Columbia)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right

As always, you should definitely pick up some of this music, it all comes highly recommended and most can be purchased here:


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