Cosmonaut Grechko reMixes Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

With over 24,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook I feel kinda’ like I should know who Benjamin Francis Leftwich is. but I don’t. On fist glance he appears to be a reasonably talented, but dreary, Folky singer, the kind that is hard to get away from these days. No matter, Cosmonaut Grechko to the rescue as he takes BFL’s track of last year ‘Box Of Stones’ and makes it something exciting and beautiful.

Grechko’s talent consistently amazes us, this reMix is just inspired. Francis Leftwich’s vocals take on a whole new lease of life in Grechko’s hands, giving the an injection of adrenaline and and IV drip of emotion. A smooth summer Dreamwave groove and some shiny synth flourishes weave in and out of the cut-up vocals to create the perfect sunshine track. Full of feeling, full of optimism, Grechko nails it once again.

♫ Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Box Of Stones (Cosmonaut Grechko Discoteque Mix)

Grechko’s main reMix is available of the deluxe version of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s album.

Buy Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s music from:


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