Opus Label One

Opus Label

Last month, new LA based boutique label  Opus Label released their début compilation, ‘Opus Label One’, that treats us to 12 tracks of electronic music that speaks to the heart.

The brainchild of Miguel Angel Jiménez and Jeremy Wineberg, Opus is a project that encompasses a record label, club night and clothing range with ‘Opus Label’ One’ setting out their music manifesto. The first of a series of monthly/bi-monthly compilations, this album is crammed full of some of the sweetest tracks from the past couple of years and some new stuff too. The overall vibe is one of eclectic, introspective and sunk-kissed ElectroPop featuring the likes of Jolie Cherie, Jupiter, The Ice Choir, Joywave, Matt Van Schie, Second Date. With the CD version of the album coming packaged with a gorgeous cover and booklet curated by photographer Dirk Mai, this series looks like one to keep a definite eye on.

♫ Jolie Cherie – Barcelona

♫ Second Date – Young, Beautiful, Etc…

♫ Joywave – Traveling At The Speed Of Light

♫ Matt Van Schie – Journey

The compilation is out now and available on CD from Opus Label’s website or digitally.

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Cosmonaut Grechko reMixed by Monophonic.


Cosmonaut Grechko and Joywave’s amazingly nuanced ‘Singin’’, from Grechko’s recent ‘Alaska 2100’ EP, has been given a fresh reMix from Ukrainian producer Monophonic.

The track gets the big room treatment, seriously, this is huge sounding. The big House bass dominates the track which gets layered thick with hands-in-the-air synths and the introspective Indie vocals tuned into a sunrise anthem. It’s packing a couple of sweet builds too.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Monophonic reMix)

Cosmonaut Grechko’s ‘Alaska 2100’ EP is out now.

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Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP

Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP, ‘Alaska 2100’ is out this week and is a pretty stunning electronic masterpiece.

Grechko hits the ground running with track one, ‘Singin’’, with Joywave, it’s the prefect meeting of Dreamwave and Indie-Electro, like a spaced-out-Disco Passion Pit. It’s catchy but still maintains a summery mellow groove. ‘All I Hear’ is up next with some help from She’s The Queen (I’m writing about She’s The Queen on a day other than Thursday, feels weird) that tasks Emily’s vocals out of the normal DancePop environment and slides them into some laid back, almost Chillwave, reverb washed Disco. As with ‘Singin’’, ‘All I hear’ is incredibly listenable, Grechko’s organ riffs intertwining with the big retro synths to create an intricate, yet effortlessly cool, jam. ‘Coloreye’ and the title track are both more tradition Disco fare, both mellow and upbeat, that show Grechko still has the skills to flat out rock the dancefloor and they lead into a selection of reMixes including these two by Electronic Rumors faves Show Your Shoe and Blue Satellite. Show Your Shoe takes on ‘All I Hear’ and proves why he’s the man to watch when it comes to smooth Electro-Funk cuts with some crazy Moog action while Blue Satellite turns ‘Singin’ into a massive upbeat DiscoPop track.

The ‘Alaska 2100’ EP shows a real maturing of Cosmonaut Grechko, musically. An evolution of his music that will surely place him at the forefront of Indie-Electro and Nu-Disco.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Radio Edit)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) -Singin’ (Blue Satellite reMix)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The ‘Alaska 2100 EP’ is out now:

Buy Cosmonaut Grechko’s music from:


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Cosmonaut Grechko reMixes Joywave

Joywave are a five piece New York act born from the ashes of PopPunk band The Hoodies. Their recent track ‘Traveling At The Speed Of Light’ has had a stunning DiscoPop work over by the constantly badass Cosmonaut Grechko.

Taking the original and running it through his Nu-Disco machine CG presents to the world an amazing and dreamlike slice of ElectroPop in it’s place. Catchy and upbeat, yet smooth enough for lazy summer evenings, this reMix is infectious as hell.

Joywave – Traveling At The Speed Of Light (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

Check out Joywave on their Facebook page:

Joywave @ Facebook

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