Blue Satellite reMixes Monsieur Adi (& The Whip)

Monsieur Adi

The excellent Blue Satellite get’s his Justice on with this reMix of Monsieur Adi awesome, epic, Nu-Disco single ‘Fire Fire Fire’.

In one of the most exciting reMixes I’ve heard this month Blue Satellite takes many of the elements of Electro these days that have been annoying me, making the scene complacent and predictable, and injected them with a new energy and craftsmanship and, basically, just show up half of the Electro-House scene as lazy, talentless fools. This is how it should be done.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Blue Satellite reMix)

He’s also just reMixed The Whip’s new single ‘Keep Or Delete’ with a sound more like we would expect from Blue Satellite but still rocking a new found chainsaw synth edge to his production.

The Whip – Keep Or Delete (Blue Satellite reMix)

Monsieur Adi’s ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP is out now.

Buy Monsieur Adi’s music from:

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