Christianoshi’s new track.


We covered new London ElectroPop artist Christianoshi last year when Trademark dropped a gloriously Dead Or Alive reMix of his track ‘Trust’. Well, the man is back with a brand new track, ‘I Feel Sick’. It’s unsettling, moody SynthPop time!

The first thing we noticed with ‘I Feel Sick’, is the return of the  late ‘80’s SynthPop sound. Is this Christianoshi’s influence or a return to production duties for Trademark, wherever this injection comes from it’s most welcome. Again, as with ‘Trust’ it’s easy to compare to ‘86/’87 Pet Shop Boys, although ‘I Feel Sick’ sees Christianoshi with a little of the Andy Bell to his vocals this time around. It’s a dancefloor burner, the kind of hypnotic track to loose yourself in, even the vocals have a chanting quality to them that adds to a musical mantra. Time to keep an eye on Christianoshi we think.

♫ Christianoshi – I Feel Sick

Check out more from Christianoshi on SoundCloud.

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