[Download] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Bitrman’ reMixed by Plainview



It was back in September last year that Ali Jamieson released his Bitrman EP, a raw and live sounding Disco jam that was surprisingly rockin’. So up steps fellow Londoner Plainview to bring the track to order with an unusually Kraftwerkian twist on Italo Disco. Check it out.

The effervescent keys of the most mirrorballed Disco tune are present and correct here, but the flow alongside some chilly pads, a stuttering machine beat and a growling riff that reminds us a little of The Golden Filter’s Solid Gold. A completely new twist on the track, Plainview’s remix delivers dancefloor order to Jamieson’s groovy chaos.

Ali Jamieson – Bitrman (Plainview Edit)

Ali Jamieson’s Bitrman EP is out now.

Buy Ali Jamieson’s music from:

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