[Audio] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Bitrman’ EP



Ali Jamieson’s at it again. The man can’t sit still. Possibly going for the most-releases-in-a-six-month-period record he blew up at the weekend with his latest EP. Released on Mortar & Pestle Sound, the Bitrman EP is another three tracks of Jamieson’s intelligent, quirky Disco. Can this prolific producer keep up the pace? Surely we can get another five EP’s out of him before X-mas?

Bitrman kicks off with it’s title track, a compelling mix of organic and synthetic sounds, of infectious hooks and a spacy atmosphere. Ali tempers the surprisingly Rocky drums with waves of hazy synth sounds and shimmering leads. Paired with a twisted electronic bassline it all created a complex, but accessible groove. Mr. Lobster introduces broken beats into Jamieson’s vintage Disco for a Housey Garage effect while the rear is brought up by Panasonic, an eight minute Italo House epic. A retro-future odyssey with a live jam feel, Panasonic lays down hypnotic electronics as a base for a cavalcade of synth noodling and House-esque vocal snatches. Another sweet EP from Jamieson. Same time next week?

♫ Ali Jamieson – Bitrman

♫ Ali Jamieson – Panasonic

Ali Jamieson’s Bitrman EP is out now.

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