[Audio] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Undisclosed’



Next week sees the new release from a man who is rapidly becoming one of the more prolific producers around right now. Ali Jamieson’s release schedule is becoming something to be admired, or decried, depending on your viewpoint, but let us assure you, quality control isn’t about to slip just yet as his latest release, for Noenized, will prove to you.

His new single is called Undisclosed, it’s a shuffling Italo beast that exchanges Jamieson’s usual left-field Funk for some good old-fashioned Boogie. But don’t worry, in amongst the whip-cracking digital bassline sits Ali’s ecclectic vintage Disco stylings as the track soon descends into an epic solo-fest with electric piano, synths and bass all vying for attention. The B-side, Pepper, is actually our favourite of the two tracks. A relaxed slice of Robo-Disco with elements of Moog Funk, Italo, Cosmic Disco and even a little Torpical all coming together with a philosophically mind-blowing vocoder line to create a slice of synthetic relaxation that’s right up our street. The single also comes correct with a reMix od Pepper from French Discomeister Moustache Machine.

♫ Ali Jamieson – Undisclosed

♫ Ali Jamieson – Pepper

Ali Jamieson’s Undisclosed is out 6th August.

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