[Download] Ali Jamieson edits David Bowie’s ‘Magic Dance’, the Duckula theme and Mel Brook’s ‘To Be Or Not To Be’



Producer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, Heavy Disco label boss and electronic rumors alumni Ali Jamieson has been mucking around lately. The funny thing is though, Ali Jamieson mucking around tends to be quite a bit better than many Nu-Disco producers trying to be serious.

What needs to be said, Ali has taken on David Bowie’s Labyrinth destroying Magic Dance with surprising complexity, the Duckula theme tune, which is just amazing (for non British, or very young, readers Count Duckula was a badass cartoon int he 80s) and Mel BrooksTo Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) (which, if you don’t know; welcome to comedy). Weird, nostalgic, amazing robo-Boogie ensues.

David Bowie – Magic Dance (Ali Jamieson Edit)

Mike Harding – Count Duckula Theme (Ali Jamieson Edit)

Mel Brooks – To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[Audio] Touch Tone reMixes Queen & David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’


Queen & David Bowie

Frankly we’re surprised no-one has tackled this earlier. In retrospect this track is ripe for a Topical makeover, but it took Dreamwave OG Touch Tone to step up to the plate. Queen & David Bowie’s  Under Pressure, with it’s classic bassline and freeform warbling has already got the groove, all it needs are some big ol’ synths. Enter Mr. Verner.

Mostly the classic bassline is ditched. A brave move, but Touch Tone cares not for you nostalgic attachments, he want’s to build a carefree summering Disco vibe out of Bowie and Mercury mumbling and nothing is going to stand in his way. Piano House meets Island purcussion with rumbling bass and a huge build. This is what the summer’s all about.

Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Touch Tone reMix)

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[Audio] David Bowie’s ‘Love Is Lost’ reMixed by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy



Earlier this year David Bowie stunned and excited fans by releasing his first studio album in ten years. The Next Day dropped with no warning to immediate critical acclaim and Bowie fans worldwide going a little weak at the knees. Next month sees the release of The Next Day Extra, a three disc special edition of the album loaded with unreleased tracks and fresh reMixes. Included amongst the reMixes is this ten minute epic from DFA and LCD Soundsystem head honcho James Murphy.

Phased layers handclaps create the backing rhythm for this impressive musical journey. Very much a DFA track, yet still retaining a quintessential Bowie-ness, this reMix reminds us of how amazing Bowie songs can be when he is paired with something more electronic and experimental musically. Given it;s length, it;s no sunrise that that tune has room to breather, taking it’s time building it’s Cosmic, New York Disco, vibe. even taking time to side-line into Ashes To Ashes briefly.

♫ David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)

David Bowie’s The Next Day Extra is released 4th November.

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[MP3] Baron Von Luxxury edits David Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’



LA DiscoPopper Baron Von Luxxury continues his Luxxury Edits series with this slick rendition of David Bowie’s 1975 hit Golden Years. The track is ripe for a Disco edit with it’s infectious little hook and after Luxxury’s edits of Madonna’s Vogue amongst others we reckon he’s the man for the job,

Luxxury works that riff to it’s fullest. Being true to an edit, he doesn’t add much to the mix, just a simple kick to keep the crowd moving, then manipulates the original, keeping what works on the dancefloor, stripping what doesn’t, washing the track in effects, until the end result is a hypnotic, swirling, slice of poolside Disco.

David Bowie – Golden Years (Luxxury Edit)

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[MP3] The Penelopes reMix David Bowie



As the world goes Nile Rodgers crazy and the man takes his long deserved rightful place as the lord and master of all music everywhere, London based French ElectroPoppers The Penelopes turn their attentions to one of Rodger’s most famous productions. Having completely defined the sound of the early 80s, Nile poured all that into David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album and it’s lead single.

The Penelopes do an amazing job of keeping the feel of the record, replacing Niles post-Disco licks with robotic boogie. Loaded up with warbling apreggios and stabbing, retro sounding, synths riding over the perfect funky rendition of the tracks bassline, deep and Moogy, this reMix is a brave endeavour (I mean, who reMixes Bowie well?) but actually pulls it off. The Penelopes rock up to stand shoulder to shoulder with both Bowie and Rodgers and hold their own. Excellent stuff.

David Bowie – Let’s Dance (The Penelopes reMix)

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