Christianoshi’s new tune


London based ElectroPopper Christianoshi has once again teamed up with Trademark for another slice of classic ElectroPop. The second in a trilogy of tracks they have collaborated on. ‘Fake Blood’ is the moody tale of a friend with hypochondria (although Christianoshi stresses it’s not necessarily autobiographical), boy can I relate (now I’ve gone and got autobiographical, ah well).

Trademark get deep and slightly Italo in the mix here. Almost EBM at times too, this is becoming a trend in London ElectroPop artists, it’s odd, not bad odd, just not I direction I would have imagined the scene taking. The sledgehammer kick, white noise snares and rapid fire arpeggio bassline are all particularly Germanic and ripe for EBM dancefloors. Luckily the militaristic beats are tempered with Christianoshi impassioned vocals, as we’ve mentioned before they have a hint of Andy Bell about them, but come off as more youthful and driven. It’s a track with a lot of feeling behind it, it shows in the performance, and the music does a great job of capturing the mood. Another slice of classic SynthPop from Christianoshi.

Christianoshi – Fake Blood

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