[Audio] Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Safe With You’


Alex Metric

Last month we introduced you to the Dub Mix of Alex Metric‘s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont’s Safe With You. It’s was surprisingly amazing, but all we could have asked for is a bit more in the vocal department from Niki & The Dove‘s Malin, and more of a Pop structure. Well, we didn’t have to wait long as this past weekend Pete Tong premièred the full vocal version of the track, grab yourself a listen.

Possibly one of the Pop songs of the year, Metric and Lu Cont don’t hold back the big builds and uplifting hook, weaving them effortlessly with hard hitting dancefloor beats and gruff basslines. Malin’s vocals soar over the track and really make the track what it is, the chorus is so insanely hands-in-the-air that not even shoving your hands deep in your pockets will prevent the inevitable. Expect to hear this a lot over the summer, and your life will be enriched for it. Bring Pop and Dance together perfectly.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Single Mix)

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