[Audio] Empire Of the Sun’s ‘DNA’ reMixed by Alex Metric



The next single from Australian ElectroPop characters Empire Of the Sun’s second album, Ice On The Dune, is DNA. The big-synthed anthem is due out later this month and comes stuff full of huge reMix from the likes of Calvin Harris, Brodinski and Alex Metric. The latter of whom has uploaded his version to his SoundCloud page so we can all grab a tasty advance listen.

The original’s massive ElectroPop is somewhat tempered, and reined in by Metric, instead he concentrates on creating a smooth vibe. It’s an almost Dreamwave mood this reMix has got, that’s counterpointed with a compelling dancefloor beat, making it both a call-to-dance and something enriching for your emotions. This one should definitely be in everyone crate, it’s a proper weapon.

♫ Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Alex Metric reMix)

Empire Of The Sun’s DNA is released 24th September.

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