Alex Metric’s ‘Ammunition’ EP

Alex Metric

We’ve kinda’ not been paying too much attention to Alex Metric’s forthcoming new EP, mainly because we weren’t that impressed with the EP’s lead track ‘Rave Weapon’, which isn’t really bad, just a bit predictable and disappointing.

Thankfully the other two tracks on the EP more than make up for that, in a seriously awesome kinda’ way. ‘Anybody Else’ is the standout, a huge robotic Disco track with a positively stratospheric lead line and a couple of piercing synth solos that are heavy both the mod wheel and the euphoria. A fat funky bass and some synthesizer shredding, what more can you ask for? ‘Epichords’ is a full on peak-time builder, this one;s going to be rockin’ festival season this year, you can tell, it’s a track to get lost in. ‘Rave Weapon’ aside Mr. Metric has is about it drop a bomb of an EP.

♫ Alex Metric – Anybody Else

♫ Alex Metric – Epichords

The ‘Ammunition’ EP will be out soon as a free download.

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Alex Metric Vs. The Whip


I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with The Whip, a times I find them to be pure Indie-Electro dancefloor genius who perfectly capture of the catchy Pop song with their own edge, at other times I find them lazy, uninspired and mediocre. I’m still excited to hear the forthcoming album though, hopefully it will fall into the former category.

In the meantime, here’s a reMix of the track ‘Secret Weapon’ by one of the best Electro producers, not just in the UK, but in the World Alex Metric. Metric completely works this mix taking the best elements of The Whip and morphs them into a peak time, hands-in-the-air, three minutes of amazingness.

The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric reMix)

The Whip’s Jagz Krooner produced new album, ‘Wired Together’, is released 19th September on Southern Fried Records.

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Alex Metric & Charli XCX & Russ Chimes


Stop what you’re doing, there’s a new Russ Chimes reMix in town.

Saying “Russ Chimes can do no wrong” might be jinxing it, and his next production clould be shit and it would be our fault. But it’s not likely, ‘cos Russ Chimes can do no wrong. The man smashes it again with this new mix of Alex Metric & Charli XCX’s ‘End Of The World’ from Mr. Metric’s forthcoming ‘Open Your Eyes’ album. Russ seem to build and build on this tune, constantly adding layers to the killer riff that will be whipping dancefloors up into a frenzy this summer. Bringing it down briefly with a sweet piano hook and snatches of ElectroPop kook XCX’s vocal before dropping the listener right back into body moving inanity. To say Russ Chimes can move the crowd is a massive understatement.

♫ Alex Metric & Charli XCX – End Of The World (Russ Chimes reMix)

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