[Audio] Alex Metric & Stefan Storm’s ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’ reMixed by Cassian



Our friends over at Stoney Roads got themselves the killer scoop on this new reMix from Sydney House master Cassian. He’s served up a bouncy-as-hell reMix of the forthcoming new single from Mr. Alex Metric; Heart Weighs A Ton. The track, of course, features the vocal stylings of the one and only Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows, which just means there is so much pedigree, and so much to like, about this track from the offset.

Cassian pulls out the springiest of rubbery basses for this one. Deep and booming yet bouncing all over the track, the bassline fires itself across razor sharp drums with Cassian grabs snatches of Stefan’s uplifting vocal and drops them here and there. Enter the piano hook to tie the track together and elevate it to a place of dancefloor madness. Time to get your head down and keep dancing.

♫ Alex Metric (Feat. Stefan Storm) – Heart Weighs A Ton (Cassian reMix)

Alex Metric’s Heart Weighs A Ton is out 3rd October.

[Via Stoney Roads]

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[Video] Alex Metric & Stefan Storm’s ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’


Alex Metric   Heart Weighs A Ton  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Alex Metric’s new single Heart Weighs A Ton. A glorious, pounding ElectroPop track that features our good buddy Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows. This one’s got the stomping beats of Metric with the big choruses of The Sound Of Arrows; a killer combination.

Jack Wagner and Zach Shields the clip plays to the song’s themes, documenting the life of LA widower Glenn Bruno following his dreams of becoming a professional dancer in honour of his late wife Robin.

Alex Metric’s Heart Weighs A Ton is out now.

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[MP3] Fear Of Tigers reMixes The Sound Of Arrows


The Sound Of Arrows

One from the vaults, as it were. This one must be at least a two years old, but for “some reason of other” (Stefan’s words) this reMix of The Sound Of ArrowsThere Is Still Hope by Mr. Fear Of Tigers never saw the light of day, until now. The track is taken from The Sound Of Arrows début album, Voyage, from 2011 and judging from Fear Of Tigers reMix style, we’d place it around then, if not earlier (if it was originally destined for a pre-album single). But we don’t care, you’ll know that The Sound Of Arrows and Fear Of Tigers are kinda’ like electronic rumors extended family, so one reMixing the other, no matter how old, hits us with a bolt of excitement lightning.

We love it! It makes us so nostalgic for those couple of years when these guys both released their prémier albums. If you’re looking for that kind of epic ElectroPop, defined by powerful beats, huge sweeping synths, uplifting melodies and just a hint of retro cool, that made the tail end of the last decade such an exciting time then look no further. Stefan’s impassioned vocals and Ben’s ability to inject an emotional rush into dance music are on display to their fullest here. Makes us miss all these guys, we hope they come back to release something soon.

The Sound of Arrows – There is Still Hope (Fear of Tigers reMix)

The Sound Of Arrows’ Voyage album is out now.

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Alphabeat’s free reMix collection


Danish ElectroPop champions Alphabeat’s last single Love Sea was an enormous saccharin slice of catchy Pop. Like someone shining very bright, colourful, lights in your eyes whilst spoon-feeding you cake icing. We would expect no less from Alphabeat really, it’s part of their charm. Now the six-piece have release a reMix package for the single, it contains some serious talent, and it;s all free.

So, first up Mr. Frankmusik takes a crack at the tune. The man delivers a storming Housy mix, complete with hypnotic piano and a hands-in-the-air vibe. Using just the right amount of the originals vocals, Frankmusik creates a party mood and keeps the deep bass rumbling. The Sound Of Arrows inject the track with some of their slick ElectroPop sounds making the track sound every bit as epic and majestic as one of their own. Kastra kick off with a You Got The Love arpeggio before lifting Love Sea up into a big anthemic main room House tune with all the big room House elements you’d expect, cut up vocals, stabbing synths, and sing-a-long vocals. there four other reMixes on the release, covering a range of dancefloor moods, for free it’s a total winner.

Alphabeat – Love Sea (Frankmusik reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – Love Sea (The Sound of Arrows reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – Love Sea (Kastra reMix)

The Love Sea reMixes can be downloaded for free from Alphabeat’s website.

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The Sound Of Arrows’ free reMix album

The Sound Of Arrows

Well this is an awesome mid-week treat! Sweedish, London based, ElectroPop superstars The Sound Of Arrows are giving away an entire albums worth of reMixes, for free. The eleven track collection covered reMixes and edits, some you’ll have heard before, some brand new, there’s even the Wonders B-side, Longest Ever Daydream, thrown in for good measure too.

The album covers the duo past few years of single, featuring work from the likes of Visitor, Tiësto and Gold Dust on reMix duties but our picks have to be The Knocks version of the single Wonders, which takes a glitchy Disco approach to the tune which soon descends into full-on Electro-House dancefloor power. The amazing Mille and his now legendary reMix of The Sound Of Arrows’ breakthrough hit Into The Clouds, to which he lands all of his emotional, ChipTune Dreamwave charm in the perfect combination of ElectroPop and synthetic dancefloor nostalgia and Chad Valley’s deep, atmospheric take on M.A.G.I.C.. Chad bring a sparse Chillwave flavour to the track, supplying one of the albums deeper moments as it slips into House territory. It’s a rad collection, and generous of the guys to give it away like this, being packed with class tunes.

The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders (The Knocks reMix)

The Sound Of Arrows – Into the Clouds (Mille reMix)

The Sound Of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C. (Chad Valley reMix)

Download the whole album here, right now!

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The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Conquest’ video

The reigning champions of euphoric SynthPop The Sound Of Arrows have a new single incoming. Taken from their amazing ‘Voyage’ album, ‘Conquest’ is released next month.

The video is full of the best things ever, most notable a crystal powered DeLorean. It’s also loaded with classy, fantastical imagery and Stefan & Oskar doing that back to back slow-mo thing they love doing.

‘Conquest’ released 25th June via Skies Above.

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Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Tears In The Rain’


Now this is what you need to ease yourself into the week after the long bank holiday weekend (if you’re UK reader, my stats tell me a good deal of you are from the US, sorry guys, I feel your pain), the second part of Queen Of Hearts’ seemingly BladeRunner themed new single. This flipside to ‘Neon’, ‘Tears In The Rain’.

This slice of ElectroPop beauty was produced by the awesome Mr. Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows. Whist retaining the majestic quality of ‘Neon’ and shot through with the Queen Of Hearts particular band of melancholy, ‘Tears In The Rain’ is a rich and gentle track that envelops you in it’s warm musical embrace. Stefan’s twisting, hypnotic synths shows that signature The Sound Of Arrows’ optimism-against-adversity that perfectly mirrors The Queens’ smokey beckoning delivery, the combination of the two elevating the listener out of the darkness. Atmospherically layering the track with a hint of storm (the weather, not the dude) is genius, giving such a laid back track a sense of urgency adds to the drama of the song, giving ‘neon and ‘Tears In The Rain’ a appearance of narrative. There’s no doubt really that Queen Of Hearts is going to be a massive Pop star, that’s a given, but we believe she will constantly surprise her audience with how deep, how un-throwaway her Pop will be, and that’s what always makes a proper, true Pop star, one that sticks around. The video for the single A-Side, ‘Neon’, is coming soon, can’t wait for that!

Queen Of Hearts – Tears In The Rain (Produced By Stefan Storm)

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ single is out 14th May. Out now is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which Queen Of Hearts features.

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Visitor reMix The Sound Of Arrows


It’s just our luck that yesterday, the one day we can’t post anything due to being on strike to protest against barbaric proposals to cripple the internet, the amazing Visitor drops a reMix of the equally amazing The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Wonders’. It took a lot of willpower not to turn scab!

This reMix is worth waiting for though, it’s like a SynthPop dream. Visitor have perfectly captured the essence of The Sound Of Arrows, and given it their own little twist. Keeping the uplifting euphoria of the original the Visitor boys add a slick Disco guitar riff and laidback beach vibe chords while the whole track builds up to a dancefloor destroying finale. Seriously, can’t wait for Visitor’s album!

The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders (Visitor reMix)

‘Wonders’ is out now. Visitor are gearing up for the release of their début album.

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Human Error week: The Sound Of Arrows speak wonders

the sound of arrows

This Friday (11th November) London’s 93 Feet East play’s host to one of the best ElectroPop line-ups of the year. Brought to us by Human Error, Friday’s event will see Fear Of Tigers, Visitor, The Sound Of Arrows and Queen Of Hearts share the stage in one amazing night of the best electronic music London has to offer. This week, to build your anticipation, electronic rumors will be talking to each of the four acts involved…

The Sound Of Arrows are currently riding high on the critical success of the just released début album ‘Voyage’. With the album, new singe and new video we’ve featured them quite a lot in the last month, and for fans of pure electronic Pop it doesn’t come any better than The Sound Of Arrows. Clean, crisp production in their music allows the big , euphoric lead lines to shine through. Their approach to seeing everything with eyes full of wonder permeates every track, lending it an innocence but at the same time an insight. It’s this, as well as some seriously catchy melodies, that has seen The Sound Of Arrows rise to the top of the ElectroPop pack in the last couple of years, and now their album is finally out, world domination can’t be too far behind.

But we’ve talked about them enough in the last few weeks, time for them to talk about themselves:

ER: So, The Sound Of Arrows, where did it all begin? What’s your background with music? How did you get into it, were you in other bands and was it always this style of music?

TSOA: It all started with us becoming the best of friends and wanting to do creative things together. First we wanted both to work in films and started collaborating on music videos and such things. Then we stumbled across a Yamaha SK20 and the rest is history. We’ve both been in pretty horrible bands, doing all kinds of genres before. I am happy to say that TSOA the first mom-approved act. A definite sign of quality!

ER: And where did The Sound Of Arrows name come from? What’s the meaning?

TSOA:The fancy explanation would include some vague rambling about forward-movement and adventure but the truth is that we liked the word ‘Arrows’ in a purely aesthetical point of view. The sound of was tacked on to make it a bit more broad.

ER: What influences you and your sound, not just musically?

TSOA: To us we’re equally influenced by films as we are music. In our world these both elements are 50/50. Sometimes a song starts with an idea of a scene or a picture rather than a melody. The films that has meant the most to this album are; Stand by Me, Last Picture Show, Lost Boys, Legend, My Summer of Love, Mad Max, When The Wind Blows, Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Music-wise the acts we’ve listen to the most during the birth of the album are Vangelis, Enya, Boards of Canada, MGMT, Cut Copy (2nd album) and Niki And The Dove.

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders

ER: You new album ‘Voyage’ is released this week, how proud are you now it’s finally out? If you just met someone on the street, how would you describe the album?

TSOA: We would describe it as grand, melancholic and euphoric widescreen Pop. With a touch of Dreamrave thrown in for good measure.

ER: The album, as a whole, seems very optimistic, very hopeful. Would you say that this was your outlook on life personally or is the album an attempt to make, what can be a shitty world, seem a bit better.

TSOA: First and foremost the latter. But truly, the album to us is quite melancholic. Escapism and nostalgia is very much a bittersweet thing. Magic, for example, was originally written from a fatalistic POV – everything is going to shit so you might as well try to have fun while it lasts.
There is Still Hope is about looking past obstacles and dark times and never surrender.

ER: Was the move from Stockholm to London purely a music industry thing? Has working on The Sound Of Arrows changed now you are here?

TSOA: Of course it’s changed us! All experiences in life shapes who you are.. This album has been such a journey for us, mostly for better but also at times for worse, and our lives will never be the same. London is a great place but we truly belong on the countryside. Big, open landscapes, that’s where our hearts at.

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C.

ER: We have to talk about the MAGIC video? How epic was that? How did it come about? How did you feel when you first watched it?

TSOA: Bah! We did it ourselves together with our good friend Andreas Ohman. No surprises there when watching the finished thing! 😉

ER: Any crazy rock ‘n’ roll stories from your adventures from giging as The Sound Of Arrows?

TSOA: We’re not a very rock n’ rolling band to tell you the truth but there’s been some crazy-crazy nights.. Especially in Spain – our fans there are crazy, in the best, most fun possible way!
Another, less party-based story would be when we were in Austria this summer my voice just died on me after coming down The Alps. It was completely gone! I had every treatment imaginable. Acupuncture, herb-medicine, proper hard-core medicine, massage, alcohol and two needle-shots of something really, really strong. It barely worked.

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – Into The Clouds (Fear Of Tigers reMix)

ER: So what’s in The Sound Of Arrows’ studio? Do you have a favourite bit of kit?

TSOA: Our synths man. It’s what we live for. We love them all like they were our own spawn but the absolute favorite is our Yamaha SK20, such an underrated piece of equipment. There Is Still Hope is 70% SK20.

ER: If money was no object, what piece of studio gear would be your dream to own?

TSOA: Easy. A Yamaha CS80 – the classic monster of a synth that Vangelis made famous.

ER: How does The Sound Of Arrows live setup work?

TSOA: Me and Oskar and two of our very best friends have loads of fun together. And lotta’ video-stuff. Projections and TVs etc…

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – Nova (II Figures reMix)

ER: How Friday’s show going to be? Who else are you most looking forward to seeing?

TSOA: Friday’s show is not a proper show. We’re doing a weird mashup-DJ-medley together with our friends. You should come down to Cargo on the 16th when we and Niki and the Dove are playing together at a Neon Gold club event.

ER: Is The Sound Of Arrows a Cereal or a Full English Breakfast kinda’ band? Would your answer change the day after a show?

TSOA: Def cereal. No doubt about it. With Soy milk. We’re a bit twee that way.

Many thanks to the guys for taking the time to talk to us.

The Sound Of Arrows will be playing as part of this Fridays phenomenal Human Error line up at 93 Feet East in London. Full details can be found here.

Human Error

The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Voyage’ is out now.

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The Sound Of Arrows’ new video

The Sound Of Arrows’ new single, ‘Wonders’, the third from their début album ‘Voyage’ and the lead in track to the album’s release, has premiered in video form.

A pretty literal clip, a visual mix of nostalgia and, well, wonderment. I think The Sound Of Arrows just want you to appreciate stuff more.

The Sound Of Arrows ‘Voyage’ is released 7th November.

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