[Audio] Joe Goddard reMixes Tensnake and Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Feel Of Love’



German retro House producer Tensnake’s sublime début album, Glow, is currently holding at number two on our top albums of the year list, beating some severe competition, and shows no signs of being usurped in it’s runner up position. It’s an amazing record packed full of highlights, one of them being his collaboration with the legend Jacques Lu Cont and Jamie Lidell; Feel Of Love. The track is getting a full single release next month with some storming reMixes, one of which you can check out below, it’s a doozy!

Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard takes up the challenge of making one of this year’s soulful House classics his own; and does. This one is an eight minute epic that wastes none of it’s time. From the offset with track begins to build an intricate analog groove, deep beats layering with buzzing synths. Easing the original’s vocals into the tune, Goddard give you half the track’s length to settle into the vibe before launching into a massive, hands-in-the-air, synthesizer symphony that never drops the energy ball.

♫ Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Jamie Lidell) – Feel Of Love (Joe Goddard reMix)

Tensnake’s  Feel Of Love out 2nd September.

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[Video] Tensnake’s ‘Feel Of Love’


Tensnake  Jacques Lu Cont   Feel Of Love ft. Jamie Lidell   YouTube

One of the best albums of the year so far has come from German nostalgic House producer Tensnake with his début LP Glow. And one of the highlights (on an album full of highlights) is the Jacques Lu Cont and Jamie Lidell featuring Feel Of Love. The track is getting the single treatment next month and ahead of the release check out the wonderfully weird video.

Directed by Remy Cayuela, the clip features an army of soon-to-be-disappointed sperm in training for the big day.

Tensnake’s Glow is out now, the Feel Of Love single is released 26th August.

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[Audio] Tensnake, Jacques Lu Cont & Jamie Lidell’s ‘Feel Of Love’



It’s another new track from German Housemeister Tensnake’s forthoming début album, Glow. This time he’s wading into another collaboration, here with the legendary Jacques Lu Cont and Mr. Jamie Lidell. Following the Nile Rodgers and Fiora featuring Love Sublime is a hard act to follow; but Feel Of Love pulls it off with style.

A nice bridge between Tensnake’s House groove and Jacques more Les Rythmes Digitales 80s sound, the track kicks off with lunch retro keys and a springy bassline mixing it up with some solid House beats. The track soon descends into vintage Pop awesomeness with Lidell giving it his best soulful Prince-vibes. Many headliner collaborations don;t always end up being as exciting as the sum of their parts would suggest, but this one really doesn’t. Exciting, driving, pure Pop. Unexpected but most welcome.

♫ Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Jamie Lidell) – Feel Of Love

Tensnake’s Glow is released 10th March.

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[Video] Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Safe With You’


Alex Metric   Jacques Lu Cont feat. Malin   Safe With You  Official Video   Ministry of Sound TV    YouTube

Here’s the video for Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont’s Poptastic Safe With You. Featuring Niki & The Dove‘s Malin on vocals, this track really is going to blow up this September.

The video features ice skating, and video effects. there’s not much more to say about it really. Odd choice, but there we go.

Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s Safe With You is out 22nd September..

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[Audio] Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Safe With You’


Alex Metric

Last month we introduced you to the Dub Mix of Alex Metric‘s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont’s Safe With You. It’s was surprisingly amazing, but all we could have asked for is a bit more in the vocal department from Niki & The Dove‘s Malin, and more of a Pop structure. Well, we didn’t have to wait long as this past weekend Pete Tong premièred the full vocal version of the track, grab yourself a listen.

Possibly one of the Pop songs of the year, Metric and Lu Cont don’t hold back the big builds and uplifting hook, weaving them effortlessly with hard hitting dancefloor beats and gruff basslines. Malin’s vocals soar over the track and really make the track what it is, the chorus is so insanely hands-in-the-air that not even shoving your hands deep in your pockets will prevent the inevitable. Expect to hear this a lot over the summer, and your life will be enriched for it. Bring Pop and Dance together perfectly.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Single Mix)

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[Audio] Alex Metric teams-up with Jacques Lu Cont



Alex Metric’s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont, Safe With You, premiered on Friday on Annie Mac’s show and it turns out it’s awesome. We say ‘turns out’ because both of these producers recent efforts, whilst top quality, have disappointed up a little coming from artists of this calibre. After a few listens to the Dub mix of Safe With You we can definitely say the whole is greater than the sum if it’s parts.

But it’s parts don’t stop at Metric and Lu Cont, the track also features the vocals of Niki & The Dove crazy Malin, and with all this in the melting pot the result is dancefloor excellence. Pounding beats, pumping basslines, grinding synths, sparkling arpeggios, everything you need at peak-time. Malin’s sweet vocal croons it’s way through the track as the wall of sound behind it seems to build and build. Can’t wait to hear the full vocal version.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Dub Mix) (Radio Rip)

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[Audio] Les Rythmes Digitales reMixes A-Trak



Do you love Les Rythmes Digitales? Do you rank Darkdancer as one of the top five best albums of all time? A bit disappointed with much of Stuart Prices new Tracques output? Just wish he’s make LRD music again? Well, other than being me, you’re in luck…sort of. Whist we’re pretty sure, at this point Price has no intention of going back to Les Rythmes Digitales, especially with the Tracques album looming, but he has brought the project that started it all for him out of the woodwork, maybe one last time, to contribute a reMix to A-Trak new Tuna Melt reMixes EP.

The Les Rythmes Digitales of Tuna Melt really does do it’s best to capture LRD of old. Everything’s there, the DX bass, the chopped up vocal sample melodies, they synthesizer slides. It’s digital Funk, in that way only Stuart Price can do. We’re loving it, both as a massive slab of frantic synthetic Disco, and for nostalgic reasons, it really does sound like a LRD track, and that bassline is amazing. We’re (probably futilely, hoping this means a return to the LRD brand for Price, but if this is Les Rythmes Digitales swan song, we can be glad it sounded like this.

♫ A-Trak – Tuna Melt (Les Rythmes Digitales reMix)

A-Trak’s Tuna Melt reMixes is out now.

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Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Underground’

Jacques Lu Cont

Surprising in more ways than one is Jacques Lu Cont new track, ‘Underground’. Surprising because we weren’t expecting it. Surprising because I think it puts the final nail in the coffin of “we might be getting some new Les Rythmes Digitales” and surprising because despite being reasonably tedious Electro-House, we can’t stop listening to it. The accompanying picture of Stuart Price includes a Kylie chaser, we think you might need it.

Now, I know how sycophantic that sounds, and we don’t mind saying this is not Price’s best work, not by a million miles. It’s not even his most original work but, fuck me, if I hear this in a club or festival this summer I’m going to go mental. It’s that kind of track. A relentless assault of riffs that almost command you to dance and the pounding drums somehow get inside your dead. This is no ‘Church’, and hopefully just a need for Price to express something before he get’s back to writing cleaver music, but seeing as it’s here, enjoy the ride, it’s a wild one.

Jacques Lu Cont – Underground

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Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Church’


I don’t think there is any comeback in 2012 we are more excited for that that of Stuart Price/Les Rythmes Digitales/Thin White Duke/Jacques Lu Cont’s return to music making.

In ‘Church’, the second new track he has dropped, without fuss or ceremony’, Jacques Lu Cont shows the everyone why he is one of the top electronic music producers in the world today. It’s a track that puts everyone making bally Electro to shame. With an FM bassline (with a hint of Lisa Lougheed’s ‘Run With Us’ about it!) that has such impact and drops and build in just the right places, this tune is a dancefloor juggernaut. Probably the best flat-out dance tune we’ve heard in a while. Simply stunning. This is one church I could get behind.

♫ Jacques Lu Cont – Church

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Stop what you are doing, there is new Jacques Lu Cont music!


Jacques Lu Cont/Les Rythmes Digitales/Paper Faces/Thin White Duke…that guy Stuart Price, is making music again!

Slowly released over a variety of media the new mystery track, ‘Reload’, is a hugely welcome return of the man who made one of the greatest albums of all time, Les Rhythmes Digitales’ ‘Darkdancer’ and went on to produce the likes of Kylie and Madonna. The track has got that LRD groove, but toughened up and dragged kicking and screaming into 2011 with hints of Daft Punk and a Spectrum 48k loading. We’re definitely excited to see what happens here.

Jacques Lu Cont – Reload

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