[Audio] Alex Metric teams-up with Jacques Lu Cont



Alex Metric’s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont, Safe With You, premiered on Friday on Annie Mac’s show and it turns out it’s awesome. We say ‘turns out’ because both of these producers recent efforts, whilst top quality, have disappointed up a little coming from artists of this calibre. After a few listens to the Dub mix of Safe With You we can definitely say the whole is greater than the sum if it’s parts.

But it’s parts don’t stop at Metric and Lu Cont, the track also features the vocals of Niki & The Dove crazy Malin, and with all this in the melting pot the result is dancefloor excellence. Pounding beats, pumping basslines, grinding synths, sparkling arpeggios, everything you need at peak-time. Malin’s sweet vocal croons it’s way through the track as the wall of sound behind it seems to build and build. Can’t wait to hear the full vocal version.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Dub Mix) (Radio Rip)

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