[News] Vitalic & Yuksek hit London

There’s another hot night fast approaching for Londoners in March as Vitalic headlines a special Easter show at Koko in Camden.

We we’re a bit disappointed by Vitalic’s last album, but he does put on a hell of a live show and the supporting talent is pretty insane. Yuksek, who’s set to be the highlight of the evening, with Etienne De Crécy, Kap Bambino, GooseDragonette and Blende. that’s some top electronic talent to be gracing one stage, in one night. And that’s before you factor in Punx Soundcheck hosting a second room. Phew!

Yuksek, Dragonette and Blende are worth the admission price alone.


Full details here.

Yuksek’s ‘The Edge’ video

Here is the official video for French Poppy Electro meister Yuksek’s recently announced new single The Edge.

By Vanessa Giangrande, and co-produced by Yuksek, Savoir Faire, All You Need Is Songs, and Vice & Intel’s The Creators Project, the clip shows the man on tour across the world.

Yuksek’s The Edge is released 9th July with reMixes from Aeroplane, Kim Moyes of The Presets A.K.A. K.I.M., BeNi, and Panteros 666.

[Via Vice]

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Peter & The Magician’s ‘Memory’

Peter & The Magician

Yuksek and The Magician are back for their second original outing as Peter & The Magician. Their first ‘Twist’, kinda’ took the Nu-Disco scene by storm, well you’d expect no less from these two Disco heavyweights collaborating. Prepare for some of the best analog Funk you will hear all year.

‘Memory’ is everything we’d expect from these two. The thing I like about Peter & The Magician tracks is that you can really hear both musicians influences. You have the big Yuksek’s power chords and anthemic vocals and the melodic funk and slight Tropical vibe of The Magician, all up in the mix. This track, slightly laid back as it is, is the perfect combination of beach party and cosmic Disco, Oh! It’s like a party on a beach on another world! That’s the one! If you like Yuksek, and you like The Magician, you’ll be all over this. The whole EP is top quality, there’s a ‘Club Mix’ that gives the impression That The Magician took over a little bit as it veers more into his bouncy analog Disco territory, Le Crayon drops a traditional Nu-Disco jam, NSFW turn up the Tropical and Poindexter get old school funky. There also may be one more reMix, shhhhh.

♫ Peter & The Magician – Memory (Original)

‘Memory’ is released 9th July on Kitsuné Music.

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Yuksek reMixes Juveniles


Hot on the heels of his reMix of Stuck In The Sound’s ‘Brother’, French Yuksek continues his crawl out if hiding with this awesome version of Kitsuné Indie-Electro crew Juveniles’ new single ‘Through The Night’.

I;’ve never really, properly, clicked with Juveniles. I like them well enough, and they definitely sound like something I’d like on paper, but they’ve never really excited me that much. But from what I’ve heard of their new EP, that might be about to change. The EP contains four originals and reMixes from Pegase, Breton, and this track from Yuksek. The French Indie-electro-Disco master creates a slow building mood that, if we’re honest, gets a bit tedious during the first half. But once it kicks in…it kicks in! When the track is up and rocking it is a killer basses dancefloor destroyer. Another track I’d mark as a festival season anthem, Yuksek’s reMix isn’t so much for the packed clubs and the massive outdoor parties. Where it will blow your mind and move your feet.

♫  Juveniles – Through The Night (Yuksek reMix)

Juveniles’ new EP is released 18th June.

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Yuksek reMixes Gold Fields

gold fields

Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields sure know how to pick their reMixers. First G.L.O.V.E.S., now French baroque Disco maestro Yuksek takes on their track ‘Moves’.

‘Moves’ is actually a relatively old track, dating back to September last year, with Yuksek dropping his reMix first on his awesome Triple J Radio Mixtape from November. Now it has surfaced in it’s entirety we can have a full listen to that beginning section that sees Yuksek channelling his best Jean Michel-Jarre thought multiple layers of thick, but shrill, synths and echoing pads, before dropping the full on French Disco flavour.

♫ Gold Fields – Moves (Yuksek reMix)

Gold Fields’ ‘Moves’ is out now.

[Via Big C’s Music]

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Yuksek’s ‘Off The Wall’ video

Here’s the video for Yuksek’s new single, ‘Off The Wall’.

Romain Segaud directed this mirror image fest which I think is supposed to look cool, but is actually pretty nightmarish.

‘Off The Wall’ is out soon featuring reMixes from, amongst others, Brodinski.

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Yuksek & Peter & The Magician (hold on, two of those are the same!)


Yuksek’s newest single will be reMixed by Yuksek again alongside Stephen Frasano, the ex-half of Aeroplane in their awesome Peter & The Magician, guise.

‘Always On The Run’, gets the honour of being the first released Peter & The Magician reMix, after their amazing ‘Twist’ EP on Kitsuné. And what a way to kick off a reMixing career. Flawless synthesizer DiscoPop is the best way to describe it, Both of these guys really are at the top of their game and have crafted something bewilderingly likable here. there’s nothing about this track that disappoints, from the bouncy bass to the maddeningly infectious melody this tune is a winner.

♫ Yuksek – Always On The Run (Peter & The Magician reMix)

‘Always On The Run’ is out tomorrow, Yuksek’s second album, ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’ is out now.

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Yuksek’s new video

Yuksek’s new video for ‘On The Run’ has premiered.

The clip, directed by Skinny (Partizan), is essentially just well shot people mucking about, but it does seem to work with the track, so it;s all good.

Yuksek’s second album, ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’ is out now.

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Yuksek & Gucci Vump

Gucci Vump (better known as Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes) have dropped their Dub version of Yuksek’s ‘On A Train’ to keep you going while you await the release of his, frankly amazing, second album.

Taken from the ‘On A Train’ Ep, which is out now, Gucci Vump take the ElectroPop of the original and morphs it into a dark dancefloor monster that seriously deserves to be played at peak time to mesmerize and hypnotise the punters. Deep grooves here!

Yuksek – On A Train (Gucci Vump Dub reMix)

Yuksek’s second album, ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’ is released 4th July.

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Peter & The Magician’s ‘Twist’ EP

Peter & The Magician, also known as Yuksek and Stephen Fasano, ex-one half of Aeroplane, recently dropped their début EP in Kitsuné Music, and what an EP is it.

There is something really authentically retro about the three tracks on the ‘Twist’ EP. the title track you will have already heard by now, it featured on Kitsuné’s ‘Maison 11’, it’s like an stripped down, analog, Yuksek track. The other two tracks go deeper down the 80’s rabbit hole. ‘La Fiorentia’ is a Vince Clarke-esque ElectroPop instrumental with a Yellow Magic Orchestra melody, and ‘Love In Rimini’, my personal favourite, is B-Boy Electro incarnate with a Sci-Fi Disco. twist Awesome stuff.

♫ Peter & The Magician – Love In Rimini

The ‘Twist’ EP is out now.

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