[Audio] Peter & The Magician’s ‘On My Brain’



The next offering from Yuksek’s Partyfine label was released this week. It’s the pretty eagerly awaited new single, and third collaboration, from Peter & The Magician. The duo, which of course consists of talented Electro producer Yuksek and mixtape creator The Magician, have previously given us Twist and Memory, both amazing tunes, how does On My Brain stack up?

Featuring the vocals of Sophie Galpin, the voice of Figure Of 8’s No One Cries For Me, On My Brain sees Yuksek adding a little 90s House vibe to his sound. Still instantly recognisable as Yuksek, especially in the tracks piercing leads, there’s an added warehouse vibe in the bass section and rave drones. Along with Galpin’s resonant vocals, that really makes the track what it is, it’s all neatly tied together by Yuksek’s not-inconsiderable production skills as he takes these disparate elements and creates a cohesive, and funky, whole. This one’s going to fill dancefloors.

♫ Peter & The Magician (Feat. Sophie Galpin) – On My Brain

Peter & The Magician’s On My Brain EP is out now on Yuksek’s Partyfine label back with the JD Samson featuring Peter Pan.

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[Mixtape] Peter & The Magician’s ‘Exclusive Mix’


Peter & The Magician

Peter & The Magician – Exclusive Mix = Yuksek and ex-Aeroplane DJ The Magician are gearing up to drop their third collaboration in the form of the On My Brain EP, we’ve heard the release and can confirm it’s pretty special, but you can hear snippets of it in this exclusive mix they’ve done to celebrate the forthcoming release. And in a shocking turn of events, The Magician has, for once, graciously decided to respect the artists he uses in his mixtapes by providing a tracklist this time!

♫ Peter & The Magician – Exclusive Mix

The tracklist:
01. Peter & The Magician – Peter Pan
02. Kris Menace (Feat. Black Hills) – Waiting For You (Fingerpaint reMix)
03. Shit Robot – Take Me Up (Marcus Marr reMix)
04. Jessie Ware – Imagine It Was Us
05. Azari & III – Indigo (Dub)
06. Peter & The Magician – On My Brain (Original Mix)
07. Zinc (Feat. Sasha Keable) – Only For Tonight (TEED reMix)
08. Kindness – House
09. Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doing it Right
10. Juveniles – Elisa

Peter & The Magician’s On My Brain EP is released 24th June on Yuksek’s Partyfine label.

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Peter & The Magician’s ‘Memory’

Peter & The Magician

Yuksek and The Magician are back for their second original outing as Peter & The Magician. Their first ‘Twist’, kinda’ took the Nu-Disco scene by storm, well you’d expect no less from these two Disco heavyweights collaborating. Prepare for some of the best analog Funk you will hear all year.

‘Memory’ is everything we’d expect from these two. The thing I like about Peter & The Magician tracks is that you can really hear both musicians influences. You have the big Yuksek’s power chords and anthemic vocals and the melodic funk and slight Tropical vibe of The Magician, all up in the mix. This track, slightly laid back as it is, is the perfect combination of beach party and cosmic Disco, Oh! It’s like a party on a beach on another world! That’s the one! If you like Yuksek, and you like The Magician, you’ll be all over this. The whole EP is top quality, there’s a ‘Club Mix’ that gives the impression That The Magician took over a little bit as it veers more into his bouncy analog Disco territory, Le Crayon drops a traditional Nu-Disco jam, NSFW turn up the Tropical and Poindexter get old school funky. There also may be one more reMix, shhhhh.

♫ Peter & The Magician – Memory (Original)

‘Memory’ is released 9th July on Kitsuné Music.

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Yuksek & Peter & The Magician (hold on, two of those are the same!)


Yuksek’s newest single will be reMixed by Yuksek again alongside Stephen Frasano, the ex-half of Aeroplane in their awesome Peter & The Magician, guise.

‘Always On The Run’, gets the honour of being the first released Peter & The Magician reMix, after their amazing ‘Twist’ EP on Kitsuné. And what a way to kick off a reMixing career. Flawless synthesizer DiscoPop is the best way to describe it, Both of these guys really are at the top of their game and have crafted something bewilderingly likable here. there’s nothing about this track that disappoints, from the bouncy bass to the maddeningly infectious melody this tune is a winner.

♫ Yuksek – Always On The Run (Peter & The Magician reMix)

‘Always On The Run’ is out tomorrow, Yuksek’s second album, ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’ is out now.

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Peter & The Magician’s ‘Twist’ EP

Peter & The Magician, also known as Yuksek and Stephen Fasano, ex-one half of Aeroplane, recently dropped their début EP in Kitsuné Music, and what an EP is it.

There is something really authentically retro about the three tracks on the ‘Twist’ EP. the title track you will have already heard by now, it featured on Kitsuné’s ‘Maison 11’, it’s like an stripped down, analog, Yuksek track. The other two tracks go deeper down the 80’s rabbit hole. ‘La Fiorentia’ is a Vince Clarke-esque ElectroPop instrumental with a Yellow Magic Orchestra melody, and ‘Love In Rimini’, my personal favourite, is B-Boy Electro incarnate with a Sci-Fi Disco. twist Awesome stuff.

♫ Peter & The Magician – Love In Rimini

The ‘Twist’ EP is out now.

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Peter & The Magician

Peter & The Magician is, of course Yuksek and Stephen Fasano, ex-one half of Aeroplane, both awesome producers in their own right. This collaboration between the two that appears on Kitsuné’s latest Maison compilation, Vol. 11, is some of the dopest analog disco you will hear in a while.

‘Twist’ mashes-up Yuksek’s vocoder love with The Magician’s Disco funk into something pretty special. I think so anyway, opinion seems to be divided about this track but, for me, it’s hit all the right synthesizer buttons. This is the kinda’ track that would have me melting into the dancefloor.

The Magician has also reMixes Yuksek’s forthcoming new (comeback?) single ‘On The Train’, you can hear it in his new mixtape here.

Peter & The Magician – Twist

‘Twist’ is available on Kitsuné Maison 11 ‘The Indie-Dance Issue’, out 16th May.

Kitsuné Music @ Beatport

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