[Audio] Strangeheart’s ‘How To Feel Right’



The steady advance of ex-Young Digerati-ers Strangeheart toward the release of their début EP ploughs ever onward. The few tracks that have trickled out so far have really impressed, as does this new tune, How To Feel Right. The prefect blend of Indie Electro and LA Dreamwave, How To Feel Right has got that Young Digerati anthemic quality but injects a little West Coast Disco into the mix.

Decked out with buzzing synth stabs and a burbling arpeggiated bassline, How To Feel Right wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve, with the vocals being part summery Indie and part 80s Pop hit, and the music being pure retro synth goodness. At times the track dips into Electric Soul before sweeping back into the Dreamwave arenas. Every track we’ve heard from Strangeheart so far has had us looking forward to their first proper release, and How To Feel Right just makes us even more eager to hear it.

♫ Strangeheart – How To Feel Right

Strangeheart’s début EP is out soon.

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[MP3] Strangeheart (ex-Young Digerati)


Well, it’s official. as we speculated LA Indie-Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. Apparently after being dropped by Rocket Music Management (who we had dealings with are were abysmally incompetent) the guys went their separate ways. Where those ways will lead is anyone guess. Except for frontman Jeff Thompson no guesses are necessary, he’s just delivered the first tune from his new project Strangeheart.

Strangeheart’s In Another Life is pure summery Indie-Pop bliss. Balancing playful guitars with shimmering, romantic synths and a  insanely catchy lyric. Seriously, if you listen to this track three times or more it will infect your brain for the rest of the day. Taken from Strangeheart’s forthcoming début EP, In Another Life is both bouncy and fun, and emotionally authentic. Proper LA grooves. We’ll be looking forward to Strangeheart’s EP.

Strangeheart – In Another Life

Strangeheart’s début EP is out soon.

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[MP3] Cavaliers Of Fun reMix Young Digerati

Young Digerati

So, it would appear that LA based Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. I’m not sure when (or if) this was announced, but according to the blurb with the latest reMix from Cavaliers Of Fun, that’s the facts. Which is a pity, Young Digerati had a lot going for them but never really seem to hit their stride as far as releasing material went. I get the feeling there was some bad management in the mix too. They shall be missed.

What we are left with, though, is this reMix Cavaliers Of Fun did of unreleased track Aquiel, and it’s a beautiful send off for the guys. Cavaliers Of Fun delivers a Cosmic Dreamwave blissfest. Who says electronic music isn’t emotional? No-one who’s heard Cavaliers Of Fun’s gently, nuanced work on this track, that’s for sure. Bouncy basslines play side-by-side with intricate melodies and smooth, heartfelt solos, creating a track that moves your feet and your soul (if that existed).  Young Digetati’s song, an uplifting summery anthem, glides effortlessly over the top. A fitting final salute.

 Young Digerati – Aquiel (Cavaliers of Fun reMix)

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[MP3] Leisure Council reMix Young Digerati

Young Digerati

Here we have another slice of the smoothest of smooth music from LA’s kings of Dreamwave Leisure Council. Once again they are turning their reMixing skills toward fellow Californian synth dreamers Young Digerati and their track Next Phase. Expect blissful beach vibes.

If you want something to carry your day along on a cloud of laid back synth haze and add a little warmth to a chilly December day, then you’ve come to the right place. Nicky, Jeremy and Sam wash this tune in rolling bass and breezy, nostalgic, synth work. The interaction between the rich vintage synth chords and the playful shimmering melodies give the tune spacious fantastical atmosphere that’s pinned down by an added layer of Funk. The whole track pumps along with some rhythmic vocals and builds toward a soaring solo that takes it to the next level.

Young Digerati – Next Phase (Leisure Council reMix)

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Young Digerati’s ‘Endless Bummer reMixed’

Young Digerati

Bay Area Indie-ElectroPop outfit Young Digerati’s recent ‘Endless Bummer EP was a skilful mix of jangly Indie and retro ElectroPop. A lot more guitary than their previous output, something that normally has us on the fence, the EP did contain some catchy tunes. Good news then that some of the finest SynthWave reMix talent has come along to give those tunes a good old synth workout. Smooth grooves incoming.

The whole EP, all five tracks, are all pretty superb, ranging from Electro-House, to Italo to Dreamwave, but out picks would be the work contributed by Silenx, 80s Stallone and Sex By Surprise. Silenx wow us one again with his super slick production on his reMix of Peak Performance. Injecting a little more funk into his sound than usual, Joel goes full on Cosmic Disco. Adding the core of the last couple of years of some of the best SynthWave around, he adds some funky slap bass and Moog-esque stabs, to a truly galactic Funk experience. Also taking on Peak Performance, 80s Stallone hits the ground running with his 80’s sound, immediately Italo, from the arpeggiated bassline to the EuroPop riff, before raising the track up with some big retro chords. The vocal is used sparsely in 80’s Stallone’s take, but Chris Stallone’s melodies more than make up for it. The EP rounds off with SxS’s robotic Electro take on Young Digetati’s biggest tune to date, The Dauphin. Normally associated with a laid back beach party vibe, SxS turn the track into an Electro-House anthem, packed with nervous energy and bright, intertwining, synth lines. Did we mention the EP is free, that’s five top quality tunes for no money whatsoever. Bargain!

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (Silenx reMix)

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (80s Stallone reMix)

Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Sex By Surprise reMix)

You can pick up Young Digerati’s Endless Bummer reMixed Ep for free here.

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Young Digerati’s ‘Imzadi Mix’

young digerati

Young Digerati – Imzadi Mix = Young Digerati’s latest mix is a high-octane forty minutes of soaring SynthWave and dreamy ElectroPop sounds. Makes an awesome long distance driving mix!

Young Digerati – Imzadi Mix

The tracklist:

01. Edward Artemiev – Lullaby
02. Cadillac – Make You Feel
03. Koobra – Thrills
04. Foster the People – Helena Beat (Lenno reMix)
05. Grum – Runaway (Nightriders reMix)
06. Silenx – Long Lost Love
07. Erika Spring – 6 More Weeks (Chrome Canyon reMix)
08. Flashback – Flashback Theme (Jordan F reMix)
09. Meridians – Animals
10. Schwefelgelb – Regen Aus Rosenquartz (Awkoder reMix)
11. Oxford – The Last Indian (N’Joy reMix)
12. The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What to Do (Fabian reMix)
13. Merdance (Feat. Dan Ling) – Ocean Night Drive

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Young Digerati cover Werewolves Of London

The last of Young Digerati’s trilogy of Halloween cover versions finds them attacking cover of Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves Of London’.

Beautifully turning the 70’s glam rock track into some slick ‘80’s DiscoPop, I can’t help but think that the track works better like this. This is easily mid-‘80’s horror-comedy soundtrack fare, probably featuring a bratpacker and out just in time for the holidays.

Young Digerati – Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon Cover)

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Young Digerati cover The Cramps


Young Digerati have dropped their second Halloween cover version in the lead up to the weekend.

Next up it’s The Cramps ‘Goo Goo Muck’ falls prey to Young Digerati’s synth workover. This time around things are a little more Dreamwave that their cover of ‘Monster Mash’, maybe the covers are designed to be played at different times throughout the night and this is defiantly a track for one your Halloween part’s in full swing. I’m sure YD are having fun with these!

Young Digerati – Goo Goo Muck (The Cramps Cover)

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Young Digerati cover Monster Mash

As you’ll well be aware it’s Halloween this weekend, and to get your spirits up (was that a joke? I’m not convinced) Bay Area ElectroPop fourpeice Young Digerati have only gone and covered Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’ haven’t they!

Honestly, there’s not a lot you can say about this really. It’s the Monster Mash with some nice synths, it sounds exactly like you’d expect, and it’s a lot of fun. So stick this on for your synth Halloween weekend while you’re working your way up to some John Carpenter.

Young Digerati – Monster Mash

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Cavaliers Of Fun reMixed by Young Digerati


Two of the smoothest acts ever to grace a beach party get together for some hot reMix action right here as Ricco Vitali A.K.A. Cavaliers Of Fun gets versioned by LA’s slick ElectroPopsters Young Digerati.

Taking ‘Gold’ from CoF’s recent ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP, Young Digerati up the dancefloor ante on the track and inject the dreamy laid back groove of the original with some Disco goodness. The new upbeat slant to the song actually make the vocals into something of an anthemic sing-a-long. If you like your ElectroPop infused with feel good chants and bouncy analog basslines then check this tune out.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Gold (Young Digerati Rmx)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP is out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

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